Sikh Masses to Stage Protest in Kotkapura Against Lack of Government Action in 2015 Killings

File Photo: Kotkapura 2015 protest moments before police opened firing on Sikh protestors

AMRITSAR SAHIB, Punjab—Interacting with media on October 9, the Sarbat Khalsa appointed Takht Jathedars Bhai Dhian Singh Mand (interim) and Bhai Baljit Singh Daduwal informed that a protest will be staged at Battian Wala cross road on October 14 against Punjab government’s failure in bringing the culprits of Behbal Klan tragedy to justice. The protest time has been fixed from 12 to 3 PM in the afternoon.

Interim Akal Takht Jathedar Bhai Dhian Singh Mans has appealed all the leaders & activists of Sikh outfits, preachers, Raagis, Dhadis and common Sikhs to take part in this protest.

On October 14, 2015 two Sikh youths namely Bhai Krishan Bhagwan Singh and Bhai Gurjit Singh were shot dead by the Police in an unprovoked firing opened on the peacefully protesting Sikhs. Several others were also injured in the firing while peacefully staging protest against the inability of Police to trace missing scripture of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji which had gone missing from Burj Jawahar Singh Wala in June-2015.

Initially, the earlier Akali-BJP led Punjab government had appointed an investigation commission headed by Justice Zora Singh but in April this year his report was annulled by the Congress government and the investigation was handed over to Justice Ranjit Singh.

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  1. India is weak with the law and order, it has large amount of corrupt government officials. who only look after themselves, take that rapist Dera for an example it took 15 years to convict him come on, would this happen anywhere else in a true Democracy country answer NO.

    India needs to speed up with rest of the world and start taking law and order seriously, convict any official who breaks the law including members of parliament.
    People should not need to protest in a Democracy to get justice.

  2. Disgusting government of India with disgusting rules – one rule of Hindus and one for other minorities.

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