483rd Parkash Anniversary of Sri Guru Ram Das Ji observed with fervor at Harmandir Sahib

AMRITSAR SAHIB—Guru Ram Das Ji’s 483rd birth anniversary was celebrated with great zealousness by the Sikh masses on October 7. Masses of Sikh devotees paid obeisance at the sanctum sanctorum Sri Harmandir Sahib on this day to receive blessings of Guru Sahib.

Special manifestation of Sikh artifacts was held inside the sanctum sanctorum and Gurdwara Baba Atal Rai Ji situated within the Sri Harmandir Sahib complex.

Following the culmination of Sri Akhand Path Sahib at Gurdwara Diwan Hall Manji Sahib, renowned Raagi Jathas, Dhadis and Kavishar addressed the religious discourse to devotees. Beautification of sanctum sanctorum with imported flowers and special hi-tech lighting system remained centre of attraction for Sikh devotees. To avoid pollution caused by fire-crackers, LED lighting was held in the evening this time.  

Thanking the worldwide Sikh devotees for manifesting appreciable enthusiasm towards the birth anniversary celebrations, the SGPC President Kirpal Singh Badungar said that the Sikh religion was plaintiff of communal harmony and the intent of selfless service, recitation of Almighty Lord’s name have been given special place in it. “Adopting the great values depicted by great Sikh masters in our lives is true devotion to our Gurus” he added.  

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