Hawara And Lahoria Beaten Badly By Jailers

NEW DELHI, India—The Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee has demanded a CBI probe into an attack on Sikh detainees, Jathedar Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara and Bhai Daya Singh Lahoria in Tihar Jail.

The Sikh political prisoners were brutally thrashed by jail staffers and others some days ago. It is reported that the CCTV cameras of that area of the jail were switched off during that exact period of time.

Speaking with Sikh24, DSGMC’s legal advisor, Jaswinder Singh Jolly said that the DSGMC President Manjit Singh has written a letter to the CBI Director in this concern. Labelling the incident as a violation of the jail code, as well as human rights, Jolly said that the minorities were being targeted in the jail deliberately and even records have proven that in Tihar jail, the victims of most incidents were from minorities.


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  1. Jungle Raj ! “Raje sheeh mukedam kute ” This country is not for minorities. All minorities have to fight jointly for freedom from these communal people with Brahminical soch. Minorities are treated as slaves in this country.

    • Well it’s F*****k disgrace, I am so glad my great grand parents left this third world country. Sikhs never had a good leader since Maharaja Ranjit Singh.
      All leader’s we had only lined up their own pockets.

  2. Absolutley disgrace – wish the world could see what India’s democracy is really? Nasty cowards!!! Why SGPC Mr Badungar are you not speaking – you speak if anything happens abroad but sit back when you master show no mercy to anyone? Get your masters to come out and speak now …….. and tell the world what they are doing…

  3. Dirty filthy disgusting pigs those hindu jail gaurds and leaders are. Hindias true colours are the mass human rights violations. It is a democracy in name only.

  4. We must not get into conflict with Nations in which we live .
    Breaking Nation laws leads to harsh response from a Nation..
    Most NATIONS have been empowered by EMPIRE to use military and police means to supress any REBELLION against the Nation.
    We need to remember that our earstwhile Nation of Ranjit Singh does not exists any more after 1848.
    Our earstwhile Nation has been transformed into 2 new Nations called India and Pakistan by the Empire in 1947.
    Breaking and maki g Nations are favourite past time of EMPIRE.

  5. We always foght for human rights & humanity; those who tried to crush sikhs gone with wind of time. Abdali, Mugal, Britishers, now Indian leaders with communal soch. USSR devided into different countries, injustice & torture of minorities wil sooner or laterl devide this country also.

  6. Nations are geographical areas in which the EMPIRE keeps unwanted individuals out.
    The law and order in the Nation are maintained by the Empire through client Armiy and Constitution.

    • Harunder, you’d sell and whore your mother, sister and daughter and son for your empire. “hindu”stan is not a nation. Get it through your head, or through the red dot.

      • Bharat has been an Nation and shall always remain One.
        Kings and Empires come and go .
        Bharat has lived through all of them.

        Happy Dusshera.

  7. Corrupt & selfish leaders of India are killing & torturing a brave kaum, they need only sheeps to rule & dogs to control them.
    Common man is becoming poorer day by day, the leaders & their spoons are becoming millionaires.

    • Don’t REBEL and all will be treated with Respect.
      If you all decide to Rebel again then please remember 1984 events.

  8. Hardeep and Joeginder your comments are of high value but will Hindu Harunder adhere to this and take notice. He is much occupied by Empire thoughts – perhaps he is now thinking what to say……about sheep and dogs.

  9. Hardeep the Brahmin obsessed gentleman whose mission is to make poor people rich.
    Hardeep poor people exist in all societies of the world
    India is ruled by Constitution and not Non homo Sapiens like sheep’s or dogs.
    As for Random he hardly has any opinion on any subject .
    What my family does should not concern you .

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