Repeat Incidents Of Female Hair Braids Being Cut Across Punjab

AMRITSAR SAHIB, Punjab—A new low for Sikh pride as numerous incidents of females faking the forcible cutting of their hair braids have once again returned to the state of Punjab, whilst guising them as attacks.

The origination of these hoax incidents this time has been observed in Malwa region where a lady claimed to have her hair braids forcibly cut, but later CCTV footage unearthed falsehood in her claims. She had cut her braids herself in order to have a hairstyle which was being refused by her family.

A result of this news spreading as caused members of the public to mistakenly feel terrorized for fear of, so far, hoax attackers. An occurrence of similar incidents was observed a few years ago although then, most of those incidents were revealed as being hoaxes.

Following Malwa, this occurrence repeated in the Doaba and Majha region of Punjab within a few days. Taking advantage of the situation several ladies are cutting their hair themselves and are then claiming to have had them cut by unknown assailants. On August 9, a similar incident gained attention in an area of Tarn Taran where a girl claimed to have her hair braids cut mysteriously but later investigators found a blade in her bathroom.

Meanwhile, the SGPC president Prof. Kirpal Singh Badungar has expressed concern over the occurrences and said that the Punjab government needs to order a probe so that the conspiracy to spread feelings of anxiety among Punjab masses could be unearthed and the conspirators given punishment. He has also appealed to Punjab masses to refrain from paying attention towards such rumors and remain free from blind superstitions.


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  1. mothers should educate their daughters about the importance of hairs see sikh girls who are baptized with daystar on their heads .These girls looks smart than those who cuts their hairs And no body dares to misbehave with her. Actually when the mothers make style of their hairs and eye brows how they can stop their daughters.Only GOD (WHAEGURU)can give them summat.

  2. Sikhism is Sikhism, Rehat is Rehat. It is path we need to educate the Sikhs about Rehat values. The weak succumb, those who are into the Rehat maryada and know the beauty of Sikhi, do not. Those who value Sikhi will pass POSITIVE COMMENTS and encourage Sikhi, Thank you

  3. What a negative and unheard of thought by RSS Harinder – you would like it to be split as the corrupt Indian Government would like to – SIKHS are SIKHS there is nothing in between. I completely agree with Mohinder Singh Grewal mothers need to be educated in Sikhi. Here every morning I see children being taken to school when the boys with Joora and mother is with cut hair makeup and eyebrows done – shame on such mothers we have to set an example to our children to follow but with they listen – TOO BUSY in thinking beauty is achieve by cutting hair.

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