Victim Families Of Indian Police “Fake Encounters” Asked To Come Forward

NEW DELHI, India—The Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee has initiated the process to gather records of Sikh youth killed in fake encounters by the Indian police during late 1980’s and early 1990’s. The victim families have been asked to submit records of their lost ones to the Legal Department of the DSGMC.

Speaking to Sikh24, the Legal Department Chairman, Sardar Jaswinder Singh Jolly, announced that the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has promised to support victim families in obtaining justice. It is pertinent to not here that a trial case against the Punjab government is already under way in this concern, which was moved by the National Human Rights Commission.

Jaswinder Singh said that more than 100,000 innocent Sikh youth were extra-judicially murdered by the Indian police during the militancy period. He added that it was very unfortunate for Sikh community that only a few such cases had come to light and vast amount of them remained undisclosed. He also cited a disclosure made by Chief Minister of Punjab Captain Amarinder Singh, about a fake encounter of 21 militants whom he had surrendered to the Prime Minister directly.  

Citing records collected by deceased Advocate Jaswant Singh Khalra, about the massacre of innocent Sikh youths on the pretext of being militants and mass disposal of their dead bodies without any records, Jaswinder Singh Jolly said that his records were testimony to the carnage carried out by the Indian police.


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  1. One question to DSGMC

    How come when the Congress was ruling India you never raised this question.
    Now that BJP is ruling the Nation DSGMC remembers the killings.
    Remember Congress will not give Justice for obvious reasons.
    BJP is not capable of delivering the Justice.
    DSGMC is just being used as a TOOL .
    So Just CHILL.

  2. Thanks! DSGMC, you came forward to help victims of this brutal system. 33 years, a longtime, people died waiting for justice for their love ones, so cruel system, thanks you wake up & came forward, may God bless you & your associates, if you can do something for Sikhs, a brave, sincere, God fearing kaum which fights for religion, justice & equality, but in minority, in a country where the government is guided by communal forces who show they represent a majority, infact they fool majority to rule.

  3. Be Careful of

    1) Debts
    2) States with its Police force
    3) Nations with its Armies
    4) Empire with its Armies
    5) Constitutions of Nations
    6) Drugs
    7) Polluted air,water and Lands
    8) Joblessness
    9) Alcoholism
    10) Road Traffic accidents.

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