Vaisakhi Celebrations In America At National Level In Upcoming Years

WEST HARDTFORD, Connecticut, USA—Sikh Coordination Committee East Coast Congratulate Sikhs of Connecticut for Making “National Sikh Day” into a Wave.
Himmat Singh Coordinator of Sikh Coordination Committee East Coast praised Sikhs of Connecticut for showing the support for concept of National Sikh Day.

Swaranjit Singh Khalsa, a member of the Sikh Coordination Committee East Coast and of the Commission of City Plan Norwich, spoke with media and shared that Vaisakhi will be celebrated across America at a national level in upcoming years.

He said, “We have also talked to our State Representatives and State Senator to pass a Bill to declare it at a state and eventually a national level.

“This Recognition will also make our fellow Americans aware who Sikhs are as they are often become victim of Hate Crime due to mistaken identity”.

More than 50 people attended the ceremony in which City of West Hartford Mayor Shari Cantor and other city council members presented Sikhs of Connecticut a proclamation recognizing the Sikh’s most sacred day, “Khalsa Sajna Diwas” as a National Sikh Day.

Swaranjit Singh Khalsa apprised Mayor Coin of Sant Jarnail Singh Khalsa Bhindranwale and made her aware of the Sikh Genocide of 1984 and how Sikhs want to have a  referendum in 2020 in India and to free Punjab.

Maninder Singh Arora coordinated the program and briefed everyone on Sikhism and Vaisakhi.

Ishprit kaur, a local West Hartford resident, also made authorities aware of challenges Sikh kids are facing in schools, due to lack of knowledge about their religion.


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  1. ‘Khalsa sajna divas ‘ a great day for Sikhs, vaisakhi, which gave world a new brave kaum, created by Guru sahib with the will of God for the welfare of whole world, for whole humanity.

  2. Khalsa! Be a sant, ultimate goal of human life, be a soldier, always ready to fight for justice, equality, freedom & service of humanity.

  3. There was no difference between Osama and bhondrawsla . Both were killers ,both were evil souls , both were enemy of humanity

  4. Harish Sharma – Sant Jarnail Singh ji will always be a Sikh legend hero and martyr so no matter what u or your indian gov say he will remain in our hearts and minds forever. The evil is the fact genocides occurred to minority pple all over india u should be ashamed

  5. Don’t spit on the sun, it will come back on your own face. Everyone knows who is killing & torturing the minorities.

  6. I don’t agree Jarnail Singh was an Hero.
    He had extremist views and was responsible for the turmoil in Punjab in 1980-90 period.

  7. Oh dear its rattled sharma’s cage again….. jealously and hate will get you nowhere!! as for Harinder you just stay with the empires as you always do no one is asking either of you for your opinion in the celebration of Vaisakhi or indeed any comments about Sant Ji.

    • All men like Power without exception.
      Jarnail Singh was no exception to it.
      You can convert every man on this Planet to be an HITLER if he is given adequate power .

  8. Harish Khan. If you truly are what you proport to be you would not make such comments as you you know your history. As said earlier you are an ISI troll out to create hatered. You are a fool.

    • Strange. You call me a coward yet cannot refute the fact that you are ISI! Also why should I be scared of my own!

  9. There was no case against sant Jarnail Singh ji khalsa, he was preaching Sikh religion & stood with those who were demanding reasonable demands for panjab. All the political leaders ran away only a true sant stood against the army who was attacking darbar sahib. He was true khalsa, the khalsa whose birthday is vaisakhi. It’s only the sikh kaum who knows its birthday.

  10. Indira, Rajeev & Modi are biggest terrorists of India, in whose rule maximum Indians were killed or being killed. During Nehru & Patel ‘s leadership, thousands of Sikhs, Muslims & Hindus were killed. Perhaps Indian public likes those leaders who are killers, public don’t like Shashtri or Manmohan Singh.
    During Modi’s rule, minorities feel a wave of terrorism from Kashmir to Kerala, from panjab to Assam, perhaps public doesn’t not like peace. Even on this site or social media every body is fighting, nobody wants to give message of love & peace.
    May Vaheguru bless every body & give them good leaders so that public could live with peace & love.

  11. Dont bother the world maintains records of all people of the world independent of Nations ,Religions .
    Who has done what on Planet is well documented not withstanding the desires of his followers
    Every one Knows what
    1) Hitler did
    2) Osama Bin Laden did
    3) Jarnail Singh did
    4) PM Indira Gandhi did
    5) PM Rahul Gandhi did

    Old saying You cant fool all the people all the Time.

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