Story of a Sikh Who Worked Tirelessly to Assist Victims of Cyclone Mora

Cyclone Mora destroyed homes but not people’s spirit
A Cyclone churned its way through Bangladesh, however, it did not stop Jatin Singh Khalsa from his mission.
“Together with Samparade Kar Seva, Sarhali, we initiated our relief efforts, we have struggled to reach the worst affected areas of Bangladesh due to the high risk of dangers. Our team is committed to receive government authorisation to go beyond to assist,”said Jatin Singh UNITED SIKHS Humanitarian Aid coordinator.
UNITED SIKHS volunteers diligently worked throughout the nights with food aid which was packed ready for distribution. 1000 ration packs were served at Sabrang Union village, Taknaf Bangladesh in Ward No. 1, 2 and 3. Non-perishable foods were distributed, such as rice, lentils, salt, sugar, milk, saviya and water in association with Sampradai Kar Sewa Sarhali. UNITED SIKHS project coordinator Jatin Singh Khalsa led the team to distribute the food to the Cyclone Mora affected areas. “We would like to continue providing further food rations throughout further areas of destruction and we can only do this with your support,” said Jatin Singh.
The aftermath of Cyclone Mora continues to impact village after village, leaving many people living out in the open. Homes have been flooded or destroyed in landslides, and residents have been fleeing with belongings to find shelter.
In the midst of relief missions across the world our team also explore Sikh history, this time in Bangladesh we found a Gurdwara in Chittagong Phar Toli, which was built in 1935 by Sikh Railway employees and taken care by a Muslim brother for 60 years. See the below video for more details where our volunteer Jatin Singh Khalsa met these sevadars. Watch a video here UNITEDSIKHS TV
During aid missions UNITED SIKHS volunteers on the ground and those coordinating from our offices face many hurdles. It is the dedication of our volunteers who show great valour and perseverance in wanting to serve those less fortunate.
Our work can only continue with the backing of our supporters, who we would like thank for their donations towards this mission.