Gang Captured After Smuggling Dozens of Afghan Sikhs Into UK

Image: Central News

A London-based Sikh gang helped nearly 70 illegal Afghan immigrants wearing turbans sneak into the UK using passports that were stolen or borrowed from family members.
LONDON, UK—According to the UK’s Daily Mail, the scam netted the gang about $800,000 USD.
A court heard on Monday that three Sikh men helped nearly 70 Afghans to sneak into the UK using the real passports of British Sikhs.
According to the Daily Mail, border officials were unable to distinguish between the illegal immigrants who masqueraded as the genuine passport holders because they were wearing turbans – which Sikh men are allowed to have on in their ID documents.
The accused, cousins Daljit Kapoor, 41 and Harmit Kapoor, 42, and Davinder Chawla, 43, a member of the same extended family had all previously pleaded guilty to running the scam which charged each family over $12,000 USD.
The hearing continues.


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    • Generally,
      1) “we” Sikhs follow the laws and rules of our countries. Why would you imply that “we” don’t?
      2) there are some “individuals” who don’t and should be dealt with accordingly.
      3) you, “harish/harinder”, need to stop being a prick and stop making condescending negative remarks. You are very sneaky and bhamanish with your words. True evil lurks.

  1. Bringing them in was noble as the Afghani Sikhs are a persecuted minority. Charging them money was a crime.

  2. Very well that this type of gang captured otherwise it may be possible that the amount earned by this corrupt way/scam may be spend in punjab to help the terrorist.

  3. Punjab has no TERRORISTS.
    They are HOLY SIKHS who live in Punjab who don’t take any nonsense from any one .

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