Bhai Tara Suffers Severe Back Pain – Authorities Refuse Treatment

File Photo: Bhai Jagtar Singh Tara

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—Sources close to Sikh political prisoner, Bhai Jagtar Singh Tara, have shared that Bhai Tara is suffering severe back pain but that the jail authorities were not providing treatment for him. Bhai Tara has now written a letter to the Additional Session Judge of Chandigarh court via his legal counsel Advocate Simranjit Singh Mann.

Sikh24 has learnt that Bhai Tara has tried to apprise the Additional Session Judge about his suffering in jail. Bhai Tara has written in the letter that the doctors appointed in the jail only give him pain killer tablets whenever he suffers from the severe back issues in the jail. He has further informed the judge that he also feels numbness in his legs but the jail authorities were not taking him seriously.

Demanding an immediate order for his medical treatment, Bhai Jagtar Singh Tara has sought permission from the Additional Session Judge in committing suicide if the Judge can’t provide him proper treatment in jail. “My lower body might become dead if the Jail authorities don’t start my treatment by time”, he wrote in the letter.

Bhai Jagtar Singh Tara has also accused the Indian agencies of directing jail authorities to adversely treat Sikh political prisoners.  

Bhai Jagtar Singh Tara was deported to India by Thailand authorities in January 2015. He is currently languishing in Burail Jail (Chandigarh).  He is alleged to be a conspirator in the assassination case of former Chief Minister Beant ‘Singh’, who was assassinated by Shaheed Bhai Dilawar Singh Babbar on August 31, 1995 outside the Civil Secretariat, Chandigarh. Bhai Tara is considered an activist of banned armed body Babbar Khalsa and Chief of Khalistan Tiger Force.    


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