1984 Sikh Genocide: Jagdish Tytler Refuses to Undergo Lie Detector Test

NEW DELHI—Jagdish Tytler today told the court that “there was no reason for him to undergo a lie detector test”.  The Central Bureau of Investigation had earlier sought permission from a Metropolitan Court of Delhi to conduct lie detection test on Jagdish Tytler.  

Tytler is a key culprit of 1984 Sikh genocide as per testimonies of Delhi Sikhs. The CBI had sought permission from the Court in a case pertaining to killings of three innocent Sikhs namely Badal Singh, Thakur Singh and Gurcharan Singh in Pulbangash area of North Delhi by Hindu mob during 1984 Sikh genocide. Jagdish Tytler is accused of inciting these mob who killed the Sikhs.

Tytler was asked to appear before the court today.  While he did not appear personally, through his lawyer, he filed an application stating that the CBI plea for lie detector test was a “gross misuse of law”.  He blamed the CBI for filing such pleas with “malafide intention”.

S. HS Phoolka who has spearheaded the fight against Jagdish Tytler and other 1984 culprits, said that Tytler’s guilt was evident through his actions.  “He had earlier favoured going through a lie detector test, but now is opposing it,” HS Phoolka told Sikh24.  HS Phoolka awaited Tytler at the court at 4 PM today.  “Tytler had been shouting before media that he is ready for ‘lie detector test’. He told PTI on 12 April 2013. So face it,” he said.

The CBI had earlier given a clean chit thrice to Jagdish Tytler in the same case but the Court had again asked it to re-probe the case.  CBI was directed to not to refrain from conducting lie detector test if needed besides sharing status of Investigation report with the court after every two months.   


What is a Polygraph Test?

A polygraph, popularly referred to as a lie detector, measures and records several physiological indices such as blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and skin conductivity while the subject is asked and answers a series of questions.

A polygraph machine records the body’s involuntary responses to an examiner’s questions in order to ascertain deceptive behaviour. The test measures physiological data from three or more systems of the human body-generally the respiratory, cardiovascular, and sweat gland systems-but not the voice.

Are lie detector test accurate?

The accuracy of polygraph testing has long been controversial. An underlying problem is theoretical: There is no evidence that any pattern of physiological reactions is unique to deception. An honest person may be nervous when answering truthfully and a dishonest person may be non-anxious.

How does a lie detector test work?

If you’re like most people, lying makes your heart race. It makes you pant. It drives up your blood pressure and makes you drip sweat. A polygraph machine detects lies by looking for signs of these physiological changes.

Testing Procedure:

The examiner typically begins polygraph test sessions with a pre-test interview to gain some preliminary information which will later be used to develop diagnostic questions. Then the tester will explain how the polygraph is supposed to work, emphasizing that it can detect lies and that it is important to answer truthfully. Then a “stim test” is often conducted: the subject is asked to deliberately lie and then the tester reports that he was able to detect this lie. Guilty subjects are likely to become more anxious when they are reminded of the test’s validity. However, there are risks of innocent subjects being equally or more anxious than the guilty.Then the actual test starts. Some of the questions asked are “irrelevant” or IR (“Is your name Fred?”), others are “diagnostic” questions, and the remainder are the “relevant questions”, or RQ, that the tester is really interested in. The different types of questions alternate. The test is passed if the physiological responses to the diagnostic questions are larger than those during the relevant questions (RQ).

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    • What are you going to do about it? Oh that’s right. Make thousands of gibberish posts on a barely known Sikh website.

  1. Take all necessary measures to avoid a genocide -4.
    1984 was an trap which our leaders should have not fallen into.
    Be law abiding citizen even when provoked.
    Have a genocide prevention policy in place.and also an exit policy.

    • harinder, on dec 10th of 2016 you wrote, that it was a good thing the Sikh genocide happened and you praised the people that committed the genocide on the Sikhs. You are a disgusting piece of turd who is on this website to willfully cause trouble. You are a troll, and an apparent drug user according to your space travels.

      • I have not praised any genocider.
        I have only told to forgive them in spirit of firgiveness and we must move on in life.
        We need to avoid getting into revenge- genocide cycle which are traps laid out by EMPIRES.
        We are Space – Time travellers in this infinite universe to different planets,galaxies and universes.

  2. Please also remember that we are all Space Time travellers to different planets,galaxies and universes.
    Earth is not our home.
    1984 is not the end of Journey of life for us.

  3. Jagdish, sajjan kumar, kamal nath and amitabh Bachan and ajit jogi and all the other disgusting friends of rajiv Gandhi who were involved are not human, they are vile evil creatures who are responsible for the death of thousands and thousands of Sikhs

    • Guru Gobind Singh said 1 Sikh can fight 125,000 people. So what are you waiting for? Go and kick ass. My recommendation though is to start with 69 people, and if you can take them out, then scale up to 125,000 accordingly. That way it’s safer in case you turn out not to be a real Sikh.

  4. It was the regime of 1984 who along with their foot soldiers carried out the Genocide-3.
    The purpose of genocide was to De- Sikhify India and sit on the throne of India..

    • Of course you knew the purpose, your bosses handed out a mandate to kill Sikhs and gave lists of Sikh homes and you had a manual on how to kill Sikhs and which weapons to use and your bosses were very specific on how they want Sikhs to be treated and lynched and burnt and raped…. we all know that harinder is an Indian agent spy troll and oh yes fake Hindu-Indian harinder, we all know you know every little bit of detail of what your bosses and government did to Sikhs and how they killed Sikhs so how about you throw your white towel and retire from being a troll? If you would not like early retirement from being a professional troll then keep trolling on but you WILL NEVER FOOL US YOU BAFOON now go lick the shoes of your bosses and clean the dirt off of their dirty filthy feet and how about one day you try to clean your own soul

  5. They are not mine only but all of our bosses.
    The new “WORLD ORDER” is like this :—

    We are no more CITIZENS OF NATIONS.

    But are


    One Government for all the people of the EARTH

    The Realm of Empire now extends over the whole planet EARTH

    Any rebellion in the realm of Empire of which India is a part will be dealt like this by the EMPIRE and its vassal Nations.

    1) Individual will be :– Vaporized.

    2) Groups of people will be :– |Subjected to a controlled Genocide.

    3) If it is a Nation :– It will be dismantled or made into a vassal state or bombed into stone age or Siliconized

    So be careful of the EMPIRE
    The “BIG BROTHER ” is watching all of us and will not tolerate any REBELLION in its Realm.

  6. “THE EMPIRE” in pursuit of its policy of IMEPRALISMS and maintaining the WORLD ORDER carries out following activities.
    1) Civil war in Nation in name of different caste ,religion and Races leading to state of chaos
    2) Invasions of Nations for its destructions or reduction to vassal state or stone age.
    3) Regime Changes from one group to another.
    4) Economic sanctions on rebelling Nations.
    5) Military bases in rebelling states
    6) Getting society into a “ Genocide – Revenge Cycle “ by the laying bobby TRAPS of VIOLENT PROVOCATION .
    All people rebelling against the EMPIRE will face the fate of ISIS.
    Peace will only come to societies if it subjugates it self to the will of “THE EMPIRE”.

  7. PUNJAB has been systematically dismantled by EMPIRE in several steps
    1) 1845 :- British Empire invasion and annexation of Punjab after Anglo –Sikh wars
    2) 1947 : – Bifurcation of Punjab by Empire man Sir Cyril Radcliffe,
    3) 1966 :– Trifurcation of Punjab into Haryana, Himachal and Punjab by the Empires party.
    4) 1984 :- Genocide of People of Punjab by the Empires party.
    5) 2007 to date: –Destruction of remaining people of Punjab by drugs and toxins like Uranium and heavy metals in its water

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