INTERACTIVE: 360˚ Virtual Reality Inside Harmandar Sahib Amritsar (Golden Temple)

This 360 degree view inside of Darbar Sahib in Sri Harmandar Sahib, in Amritsar an absolutely stunning experience.

If you have a set of those inexpensive VR goggles for your phone, you can truly experience an immersive fell of Darbar Sahib right from your own living room, especially when you hit the full screen option.

An absolutely awe inspiring feature. Oh, and you can walk around too!

Have a go below…


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  1. Respected Hindu Temple of Hindu God Hari, aka “Harimandar Sahib”, deserves very nice virtual reality. This way hindus can see while avoiding sword fights with drug-addicted Nihangs.

  2. I will say once more hindus also enjoy seeing Respected Temple of Hari, now with virtual reality technologies it is wonderful we can avoid sword fights and other untoward incidents caused by visit in person. Promotion of this tourist attraction will generate more revenue to hindustani economy for benefit of all hindustanis, Sikhs and Hindus and all others.

  3. Totally deluded RSS puppet – it is Harmander Sahib with the blessing our GuruJi to welcome anyone from any colour creed, race and even CAST, does this ring a bell!!!! Cast is so important to you Hinduvata murti pujaries you can rattle on what you like what Harmader Sahib is its going to stay though you would love it if it was following cast system ……

    • Sardarni Surinder Kaur Ji, why Sikhs did not allow woman like you to do Kirtan inside Harmandar Sahib? Singhs told that Kaurs must do Kirtan outside. This happen for many many years, not one day thing. Or are women lower Sikhs?

      • This is because your puppets the SGPC and their master Badal who is again your puppet is there. These mahants need to be kicked out along with their heresy.

      • Baba Nihal Singh And sant jarnail Singh supported women doing Kirtan at Siri darbar Sahib but your rulers control corrupt SGPC who don’t allow it but support corrupt murderer jagir kaur… real Sikhs don’t have control over Sikh institutions in India

  4. This your badal’s own ruling trying to control of course he has to follow Hindu traditions. We are given full rights by our Guru ji may be you need to research. Badals follow RSS if it was in their power they would certainly bring back “sati” you recall that……..

    • “Miss” Kaur/Surinder Kaur-combine, “Sati” not Hindu practice only, even Sikhs have many times done as you should know also but do not know since not from India. Sati has been banned by Hindus but still foolish Sikhs and Hindus doing. Example I will give, during Sikh Raj, Maharaja Ranjit Singh had many wives like Muslims, and when Sikh Maharaja Ranjit Singh has died, these wives commit sati with the Maharaja Ranjit Singh as permitted under the Sikh rule. Sikh Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s many Sikh wives doing Sati is one example only.

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