Sikh Activist Smacks Badal Square On The Face With A Thrown Shoe

LAMBI, Punjab—The Chief Minister of Punjab, Parkash Badal, was injured in the eye, due to a shoe being hurled at him by a Sikh activist at a rally of Shiromani Akali Dal in village Ratta Khera of Lambi constituency.

The shoe thrower has been identified as Gurbachan Singh, who is said to be the relative of Jathedar Amrik Singh Anjala, appointed Jathedar of Takht Sri Kesgarh Sahib, by the Sarbat Khalsa of 2015.

The incident occurred only a few hours ago when the Parkash Badal was conducting an election campaign on his home turf of the constituency of Lambi. The assailant Gurbachan Singh reportedly moved close to Badal and hit him with his shoe square on his face.

Sources informed that Badal’s spectacles broke due to the force of the shoe, causing some cuts and and a little bleeding. He was immediately escorted out of the venue by the police deployed there.

Sikh24 has learnt that the shoe hurler Gurbachan Singh was expressing protest at the number of desecration incidents which have occurred in Punjab over the last year and, the failure of the Punjab government to investigate the causes and culprits.

Badal’s press statements and the general Indian press themselves are again using the protest as committed by radical and extremist Sikhs.


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  1. The desecration of Guru Granth Sahib is a Trap to provoke and get Punjab back to 1980-1990 IB era.
    Please don’t get provoked.
    We are all Space- time travellers to different parallel Universes and not designed to perish on Earth.

  2. It is not correct to insult a sitting CM.
    Any opposition should be shown through a ballot boxes or by banners or in Assembly.

    • So speaks the man who wishes to give blessings to those who committed genocide against Sikhs and was delighted that Jagdish Tytler was released on bail recently.

  3. This was a good one, I have to admit. It takes a lot of bravery to smack a shoe in the face of a Badal who is sitting there as the hindu-appointed King of Punjab. But even if you shoot Badal, we will put a new one there. Life goes on. For example Indira Gundhi was brought to justice by the Sikhs for the massacres of Sikhs. But did hindus panic? No. We put the Rajiv Gundhi there and he did more massacres of Sikhs. One way or the other Sikhs will be wiped from Punjab. Soon we will have hindu majority in Punjab, then what will you do? Then even Badal cannot win election only pro-hindu can.

    • ‘Soon we will have hindu majority in Punjab, then what will you do?’ The question is rather what will you do, my brother as there was Hindu majority population in Punjab throughout 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th century and your forebears could not lift even their heads to oppose oppression. Those few Hindus who did became Sikhs. Same thing will happen in 21st Century when we have access to knowledge and enlightened information through social media and internet which will completely collapse pagan and caste based belief system.

      • What we hindus will do? Same thing we did in 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th century make Sikhs do the sacrifice then we kill them again. Sikhs will go on sacrificing for hindus whether they like or not, as the history has proven and will remain in small numbers. Sikhs very proud how they helped hindus but need to find own things to be proud not successes of hindustan. Hindustan very successful, Khalistan nobody has heard of. Everyone knows who hindus are, Sikhs most do not know. hindus have nuclear weapons now we do not need your gatka. On social media we laugh on sardarji jokes and on Internet FLYING JATT is very popular 15 million views in 5 months must see good movie, passed by Censor Board not offensive to Sikhs.

        • You take delight in others making sacrifices for your honour and existence? I think you have confused cunning with cowardice my friend. What dignity and self respect can you then claim for yourself? ‘Khalistan nobody has heard of’. You have. It hasn’t existed since 1839 but you clearly live in fear of it returning such that it preys on your mind so. Perhaps that is why you wish to convince yourself you can laugh at Sikhs? To try and rid yourself of that gnawing feeling deep in your psyche that the Sikhs are to be respected and feared for who and what they are. As for nuclear weapons they are only useful as a deterrent and even then only work when you are talking about full scale invasion from Pakistan or China. For regular skirmishes and cross border raids which have happened recently both in Kashmir, Punjab and with China on our border with her (also kindly remember we lost the war with China – they only stopped fighting because Russia refused to supply them with aircraft parts) you cannot use nuclear weapons so they are not a deterrent which means jawans have to fight hand to hand. And of course there none better than the Sikhs when it comes to martial prowess – the only battle ‘Hindustan’ as you put it as ever fought worthy enough to be added to the annuls of world history is that of Saragarhi and every one of those soldiers was a Sikh and a Singh. I don’t mind you comforting yourself with delusions. It must hard to live with the shameful knowledge that when it came to it your forebears were unworthy and could not defend their land or religion but had to rely on the Sikhs to do it for them. And yet you seem resigned to letting us do that again for you so what will your descendants think of you?

          • Descendants will think good of me because descendants will not know any of this has happened. I will not tell them. They will think Sikhs are saying bad things of hindus and get angry at Sikhs. They will not agree with you. Sikh fighting in Saragarhi allowed British more destruction of Punjab and British rewarded with 1984 SAS help hindus kill Sikhs in Golden Temple. Golden Temple help hindustan economy, free food in langar we hindus enjoy also and do laughing at sardarjis. I eat langar many times for free give no donation. Maybe your family pay for roti for my family we killed a Sikh. This is why sardarji jokes being done. Why you allow this? I do not understand. Other Gurdwaras not tourist attraction are in trash state have historic gurdwaras in disrepair falling in pieces used as truck stop for lorry drivers but Golden Temple very shiny for tourists. Next time you go Golden Temple visit SGPC building. In front SGPC building look very beautiful well painted and maintain. But on back side buildings still burnt from 84 total trash. Sikhs being fooled again. Donations being eaten by hindu state. Most Sikh history we already remove only money sites for tourism we keep. Your history will be only in books, even many original books we took from Sikh reference library and hindus still are keeping those. High court told we must give back to Sikhs but hindus said no, therefore we still have and matter is dropped. We also burn many. Not only Sikh reference library we hindus also took many Sikh books from university library all over Punjab. We put them in army trucks and disappeared them original manuscripts. Then Sikhs gave big complaint where books have gone. Nobody knows. Sikhs do not understand hindus will never be thankful for Sikh sacrifices. Actions show this many times but still you keep saying we must be thankful and you do sacrifice for us. Your Sikh history only Sikhs know everyone else think Sikh are normal people only, maybe even terrorist violent and crazy. Hindu have good reputation as peaceful tolerant people. Hindus have been doing for thousands years we know how to do, don’t worry.

        • With your freeloading mentality and total lack of honour I sure hope you do not have a wife because goodness knows what you are prepared to let her do for the sake of getting money into your hands to service your selfish comfort. What a wretched fellow you really are and you boast of being a son of Hindustan. If you are typical then India has no future and will disintegrate as you cannot build a country on such crumbling foundations of deceit, moral bankruptcy and oppression of others.

  4. Rajagopalan Krishnan talks as if there is no GOD. No religious or God fearing person will make a statement like that. Infact, this is what can be expected of a person of his mindset. Remember Mr. Rajagopal that if Moguls could not wipe out Sikhs and hindus when they were in power, similarly there is no one who can wipe out Sikhs and muslims or people belonging to any other faith, no matter howsoever powerful they are. People belonging to all the faiths are here in this world because of the wish of Almighty and hence their existence is not governed by the wishes of Mr. Rajagopalan and the organisations he represents.

    • Maybe the God says Sikhs cannot be wipe out fully but God has green light Delhi riots where Sikhs wipe out mostly. Mughal Empire wipe out half of all Sikhs in one day. Today Muslims wiped Sikhs from Iraq and Afghanistan, in Pakistan also wipe out almost complete, Pakistan birthplace of the Guru Nanak. Then when hindus begin wipe out from eastern side then Sikhs will be in very bad position. So your God does not want Sikh full wipe out but partial wipe out he likes that and does many many times. Your God does not want Sikh wipeout in the West but hate crimes and bullying against Sikh children that is fine with Him. Simpler answer is there is no God, Sikhs look like ISIS, when seen in the West hate crime will occur. Complicated answer is bring God into discussion then God allows this.

      • You just do not understand the actual facts. Sikhs have faced genocides down through the centuries – Mughals, Britishers and now your people – but despite these there more more Sikhs alive in the world today than in any time in five centuries of Sikh history. There are more Sikhs alive in India today than in five centuries of Sikh history. There are more NRI Sikhs in the worldwide disapora than in five centuries of Sikh history. In fact there are more Sikhs in the world today than there are Jews and we are a people who are only five hundreds in the making whereas Jewish people have been around for more than two thousand years. You say you Sikhs are bullied and subject to hate crimes because you dare to obey the decree of Guru Gobind Singh Ji (also founder of the Sikhs religion and born not in present day Pakistan but present day India so not sure what point you were trying to make by saying guru Nanak founder of Sikhism born in Pakistan (which did not exist at the time of his birth) but fail to comprehend that despite that Sikhs continue to keep faith with Waheguru. It has actually made us stronger as a people because once you lose your fear you are free. Simple answer is Sikhs are born to stand out out because we are born to stand up. Complicated answer is you cannot fathom that steel cannot be forged from iron unless it is put in fire but once it emerges it is far stronger.

        • Mr M Singh, respectfully I submit few reminders for you. #1) Hindu global population is higher than ever in our history. Hindu population in India is higher than ever in our history. Hindu NRI population is higher than ever in our history. Sikh population increasing with natural human population growth as found across globe. Entire human population billions higher than when Sikhism founded. Especially in hindustan where population growth higher than in Western countries as where Jews mostly. Israel very much modern and powerful country, Punjab is cancer and drug ridden backwater. #2) Not only hindus billion above Sikhs in population already but also hindu population growth higher than Sikhs. This is why Sikh population percentage in Punjab shrinking, this is policy of Indian government and it will be continued until Sikhs fully removed from all power. Then real cleaning can start. Average hindustani growth rate is more than double Sikh growth rate. Imagine difference in absolute number. #3) Maybe two-third, maybe three-quarter Sikhs have cut their hairs, many who do not cut completely also trim their beards. This trend wildly increasing, even clean-shaven Sikhs. How is this steel from the iron? Sikh population may be increasing but sardarji population is not increasing. Nobody knows exact percents because Sikhs not important enough to keep statistics on this issue but anyone can see how so many Sikhs are cutting hair which your Sikh rules say makes you not a Sikh. Therefore if hairs are necessary to be Sikh please in your calculations reduce Sikh population by 60-75%. Many of the rest are interfaith marriaging or also worship hindu deities or deras. #4) You say hate crime and bullying is okay because Sikhs dare to follow decree of the guru gobind singh. They do not follow the decree. Your guru gobind singh said that Sikhs should carry sword. For 250 years Sikhs carried full sword as 5K. Then British stopped this practice through brute force. Many Sikhs courted arrested, were killed, or had lives ruined to protect right to wear full sword, but British refused to relent. British stole many swords that Sikhs already owned. Finally after negotiations British allowed tiny little sword as long as less than 6 inches and SGPC agreed. Please think percentage of Sikhs who keep all five 5Ks and full-size sword as instructed by the Guru. Probably 0% with rounding error. Where did Sikh bravery go? Sikh as you think of today is not the same Sikh in your history. It has been very much changed and weakened. This was forced when we crushed your independence war of the 80s. Turban is only meaningful alongside sword, no one will crack jokes or have mob attacks if all Sikhs are wearing full swords, because they will be afraid, but without sword turban becomes only a target.

          • 1) Of course there are more Hindus alive today than Sikhs because you started from a much higher base level to begin with so that argument is totally falacious. Sikhs are five centuries old whereas Hindus are over thirty centuries old so you would expect them to have built up a higher population to begin with. If you want to compare like with like you would have compare numbers of Sikhs alive today with number of Hindus alive five centuries after Hinduism began which you cant because those figures are available and even if they were you would have to make adjustment for the fact that Sikhs have been subject to three major genocidal holocausts also. You state that Sikh increase in numbers is accounted for simply because ‘Sikh population increasing with natural human population growth as found across globe’ yet this is directly contradicted by the Jewish population growth even after you have factored in the second world war holocaust which decimated their population by over 6 million. By your own logic with all the ‘successful’ decimation that has been carried out by Hindu anhilation of Sikhs there should be a massive drop in numbers of Sikhs not only because you have removed over a hundred thousand jawans from the breeding population but also dissuaded hundreds of thousands of others from openly declaring their allegiance to the faith (you talk of these sehajdaris as trimming and cutting their hairs etc). The numbers tell the opposite story that despite the extreme pressure Sikh numbers are increasing. And actually I was not even counting those who identify themselves as being Sikh even though they are not baptised (so all those ‘Sikhs’ you refer to has being cleanshaven or trimming their beards) as I don;t regard them as Sikhs even though they seem to have clung on to a feint conviction that Sikhi is truth and continue to do seva and obesience in Gurdwaras and when pushed will call themselves Sikhs. They are for me no more than fairweather friends, they are on the right path but walking more slowly towards the same destination because they are on the verge and sometimes in the undergrowth alongside the road where Sikhs are actually walking where it is far easier to walk the righteous path to Waheguru’s grace. Compare and contrast that with Hindu NRIs whose population does indeed exceed that of SIkh NRIs. Hindu NRIS keep an extremely low profile in countries aborad especially western ones as they know full well the level of ridicule they would be subjected to if those host populations became aware of what was going in in mandirs with animal and idol worshipping. Compare and contrast that with Sikhs – who I remind you are not a prosletsying people as our religion forbids us form actively seeking converts – are are very much visible and proud to be so because they have nothing to be ashamed of in regards to their religious teachings. This is not a numbers game my friend, this is about quality over quantity as Sikhi teaches that we do not have a monopoly on God and that He in His divine mercy will give all human beings (including people like you) another chance of realising Him in another lifetime eventually. The Sikh abroad is easily recognisable and stands out not just because of his physical appearance – and that was the whole point of the five kakaars, to make him stand out from the crowd so that he would be forced to stand up for his beliefs and not merge into the crowd and run away when things got difficult. Sikhs can certainly do more abroad to educate people that someone in a dastaar is a Sikh and not a taliban Muslim but again I remind you this is because Sikhism is not a proselytising religion (unlike Christianity and Islam) and feels no instinctive urge to convert others because even when a Sikh is alone he is still in a majority of One when it comes to realisation of Truth. Truth is Truth no matter how many people around you are espousing a lie as being reality. The courage to stand up and stand out and say no that is a lie and all of you are wrong remains in the Sikh’s psyche and nature because that is still inside his makeup even if outwardly he is no longer identifying himself. With all the injustices and human rights abuses visited against us tell me Sikhs have not reverted to Hinduism for an easy life? My family going back centuries would have been Hindus yet they rejected and repudiated Hindu teaching and did not go back to it despite three holocausts of Sikhs. And again when you talk of Hindu population is increasing, Hinud population has never in its history been more divided because its non egalitarian and pagan beliefs are coming up against western values of human and civil rights – ask the Dalit and look at the alarmed reactionary position of the RSS to Dalits converting in their hundreds of thousands to missionary Christianity. This process would be even more accelerated if Sikhism was a missionary faith because Hinudvta could not paint Sikhi as being a non Bharat religion that came from middle east so thank your lucky stars as you believe in them with all your astrology nonsense.

      • That’s your understanding of God and you are absolutely free to think like that. Regarding Sikhs look like ISIS, it is not the Sikhs who are like ISIS but the internet warrior who makes the following posts ”

        Rajagopal Krishnan January 12, 2017 at 11:49 am
        …………..We put the Rajiv Gundhi there and he did more massacres of Sikhs. One way or the other Sikhs will be wiped from Punjab…………..

        looks like an ISIS representative by mind, words and actions.

  5. No fear of god and no belief is one reason only that the belief lies in worshipping stones, fire, monkies etc. they rule Hindus whilst the rest of the world has moved on.

    • Sikh religion is against deity worshipping and guru Nanak was very clear in his criticisms of certain Hindu practices… why Hindus still worship deities and haven’t moved on is mindboggling, there even are rat temples in Rajasthan like where are the Hindu reformers and why do they let their religion become so superficial and deity based? They worship elephant deity, monkey deity, 8 armed deity etc like what’s going on?

      • Miss Kaur, hindus worship rat deities monkey deities and so forth because of faith. Sikhs worship waheguru because of faith. This is problem with faith. Faith can give two answers to same question. Faith is not reliable way to determine truth. This is why we need science. No scientific proof exists for rat gods or monkey gods, or for waheguru either. Your worship of waheguru is therefore mind-boggling also. Where is your proof that the waheguru exists but monkey god does not? Thank you.

        • I am going to try and explain this to you because you clearly do not understand how empiricism works. You cannot say that unless science proves the existence of something then rationally that something cannot exist. We do not have the necessary equipment – whether that is technical machines or our intellect – to fathom the divine anymore than we can see the outermost reaches of the cosmos. Simplest way to explain this to you is this. Science can ‘prove’ my great grandfather and greatmother must have existed because I exist even though there are now no surviving witnesses or documents that can attest to their existence. Science cannot ‘prove’ that my great grandfather loved my great grandmother because there is no empirical evidence to prove that, only evidence through my existence that they must have had intercourse at least once so that I was able to inherit 1/8 of their genes each. Does that mean then that the ‘truth’ that they did or did not love each other is null simply because it is scientifically impossible to prove one way or another? Of course not, truth is still truth even though you cannot witness it. A tree still makes noise when it falls down in the forest even though no one is there to hear it crash down. Now let us extrapolate even more because reason and logic are not alien to religious belief in Sikhi. What if we consider the existence of someone who did exist but who cannot be accounted for empirically. A Jew victim of the holocaust shot and buried in a mass grave still undiscovered. Do you say because scientifically we cannot prove their existence then they cannot possibly have existed? Of course not because you can argue on the balance of probabilities even though there is no surviving physical evidence (no relatives, no eyewitness, no documents, no mouldering remains) there is a likelihood because of the atrocities committed in the second world war that it is possible, likely to be be true, that such a person existed. Extrapolate further to a time in history where we are now talking about unrecorded time – say a raid on a village – where a woman is raped and murdered with her whole family. Their remains are undiscovered, unheralded, unknown and are gradually physically removed form the earth by decay and animals. Because we cannot prove scientifically they ever existed even on the balance of probability do you assert then that they cannot have existed and that the fear and pain she experienced is not true simply because you cannot discern it? Of course not. Consider then if you cannot with all the human faculty and ingenuity of the 21st century perceive such an intangible truth how then can you argue you are even more better equipped to perceive the divine Waheguru and because you cannot He then does not exist either? Can a fish conceptualise the moon? No, yet the Moon moves the very water it swims in every day.

          • Mr. M Singh, where I say that unless science proves existence of something that something cannot exist. Never I said this. I do not believe this. Why you giving big argument on wrong topic? I am atheist not anti-theist and explained before couple times what atheism means for me. My question you did not answer was where is your proof that your waheguru exists but hindu monkey or rat gods do not. Thanks.

        • Your question ‘where is your proof that your waheguru exists but hindu monkey or rat gods do not’. Let me answer it as basically as I can for you. You know Einstein’s equation E = MC squared? Of course you do because you are an educated fellow of science. You may even know that E mean energy and that M means Mass and that the C squared is the speed of light squared. You may even understand that the equation is proving that energy and mass are interchangeable and relatable to each other. But can you do let alone actually appreciate the maths that Einstein did to come up with this formula by yourself? Unless you are a theoretical physicist and mathematician I doubt it. SO why do you accept it as being true? You do so because you have been told (largely culturally as I doubt that any classroom has walked you through the calculations) that it is true and that its is widely accepted to be true by his scientific peers. You are told and taken it as read that yes, this was an expert in his field, indeed a genius, who through study, intuition and exercise of reason was able to come up with a theory that seemed to make sense of data that was widely available to his scientific peer group and to the wider population at large. Same process with Darwin coming up with his Theory of Evolution. Same process with Guru Nanak and those Gurus who succeeded and built on his work. You find an expert in a field and you choose to believe what they are saying even though you might not actually have the intellectual prowess to repeat their work (all their calculations and observations and draw the necessary same conclusions) you take on faith what they are saying to be true because their respected peers do not disagree and because there are no glaring inconsistencies or even ‘elephants in the room’ which cannot just be ignored. So in science for example we have Copernicus formulating that the sun is the centre of our solar system rather than the earth (flying in the face of traditionally accepted and widely held views both scientifically and in common knowledge at that time) and his work then being built on by Galileo because his calculations and observations were repeatable by peers and made sense. Copernicus would not have been taken seriously if he had argued that the sun was at the centre of the solar system and angels lived there and the light emanating was from their respective halos. You have to apply critical faculty of logic and reason to faith otherwise it is just blind faith and you are subscribing to a belief in anything. Hinduism believes in multiple deities. Sikhism like Islam, Judaism and Christianity believes only in One God and similarly has rejected polytheist thought. You ask why can there be One God (Waheguru) and not multiple deities? The answer is that the experts in the theological field (whether that be Moses, Jesus, Muhammed or the ten Gurus of the Sikhs) have stated that to be the case and there are no glaring inconsistancies in the instance of Sikhi which is why I follow Sikhism rather than the three other monotheistic faiths. That cannot be said of Hindusim which in addtion to its multiple deity belief indulges in animal worship, idoltary, astrology and caste system all of which are refutable scientifically and ethically (remember what I said about using critical faculty otherwise you are talking about blind faith rather than faith) which then obviously has to throw doubt on the central belief of multiple deities. That is not to say that Hinduism is entirely wrong in all of its tenents as it is an old religion which like a whale in the ocean has had barnacles attached to it over time distorting its silhoeutte and motion. Think of Hinduism with all its obvious software bugs (animal worship, deity worship, idolatory, ritualism, caste belief, astrology et al) as being Windows 95 – a good first attempt at trying to access the world of computing in its day but hopelessly archaic and even dangerous to install onto a computer by today’s standards. Sikhism is the Windows 10 by comparison.

          • Science does not trust that expert knows because expert is genius. Scientists verify all calculations by doing themselves and checking it. Einstein theory was very smart but many other physicist have checked it also and got same answer. But with hindu gods and Sikh god everyone has different answers nobody will agree. No math calculation or control experiment result is there only people imaginations. Sikh god of waheguru very different concept from monotheist Jehovah god or Allah god, not same thing as you know. Minimum 2,000 religion in world probably many more. Also I ask for evidence not argument, you have given argument only. Mr. M Singh I read what you have written because maybe you are right but you have not convince me. From many thousands deities you have gone to one deity I have gone to zero deity you are behind times. Also Windows 10 very bad software Cortana is spy on you. You said you are security expert should have been use the hindu Linux.

        • No, you are totally incorrect. The essential characteristics described in the monotheisitic Abrahamic religions and Sikhism are exactly the same when talking about God – that there is Only One, that is He is indivisible, Almighty, Omniprescent, Omnipotent, Timeless, and is the sole Creator and sustainer of all creation and all humanity. The trinity issue arising in Christianity is highly debatable because of what was included and excluded by the Gospels and what became a consensus of Christian doctrine which was hammered out at the Council of Nicea under the patronage of the Roman Emperor Constantine – an example where the state interferes in religion and creates a mish-mash. But the essential characteristics of One God described by those three religions and Sikhism (which is not an Abrahamic faith and not from the middle east) are the same conclusions reached hundreds of years apart – experts in the field of theology coming to the same conclusion all abandoning previous theories of pagan polytheism to state unequivocally that there is Only God and not Gods and Godessesses.
          ‘Also I ask for evidence not argument’. What more evidence do you want of His existence? If God gave you irrefutable proof to the point where you could skype Him whenever you wanted then there would no need for faith and the element of free will would have been removed as you would have no choice but to believe in Him which would then entirely remove the reason for you existing – which is to come to realise the existence of God and return to Him of your own free will. From many thousands of Gods you have gone to making yourself the deity. As for Windows 10 I was trying to give you a simple allegory and as an Indian Sikh I don’t mind if the American State spies on me rather than the Indian state as only of those has attacked the Darbar Sahib and the Sikhs. I am not a security expert either I was just assuming that with your outlandish insulting remarks that you were a troll and such fools always think their braggadocio is anonymous on the internet so I was pointing out to you that is not the case (even with Linux).

    • Lord Ram and Lord Krishna (or Lord Vader for that matter seeing your interest in science fiction) are Truth if you are a Hindu. Nothing wrong with that. But if you are a Sikh then these lords Ram and Krishna et al are not Truth because Sikhism’s central tenent expressed in the very first line of Japsi Sahib is ‘Ik Onkar’ – ‘There is only One God’. Peaceful co-existence comes from tolerating other peoples religious beliefs and not trying to adulterate them, please learn that.

  6. Sikhs worship Moral principles that are Siri Guru Granth Sahib and sikhi is not against science… Hindus worship discriminatory practices such as caste and blind practices such as deity worshiping… gurus langar is for anyone to make sure no human will have to starve and everyone sit together as equals … no other religion is like Sikhs… sikh faith is unique and practical and has both meditation, spirituality and martial arts. Sikhism is beautiful path and saved many lives and installed some morality in Babaric ancient India and present day India

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