UK Labour Leader Asks For Investigation Of U.K. Hand In 1984 Attack on Sikh Shrine

Jeremy Corbyn on 1984 Sikh Massacre

LONDON, UK—The leader of the Labour party, the opposition party to the government of the UK, wrote to the Prime Minister, Theresa May, to call for a fresh and independent investigation into the UK’s involvement surrounding the massacre of Sikhs in Amritsar in June 1984.

The Sikh Federation UK, expressed their gratitude as their campaigning for transparency have so far been ignored by the government.

Bhai Amrik Singh, Chair of the SFUK said, “We are grateful the Labour Leader has written to Theresa May to call for a fresh, independent investigation and deliver the British public transparency on the UK role in assisting the Indian authorities in the attempted Genocide of the Sikhs in the 1980s and also silencing the Sikh voice of protest in the UK.”

Jeremy Corbyn is known for raising his voice for human rights and has not hesitating in siding with the Sikhs after hearing over the long suffering of the Sikh people in having justice ignored in both India and the UK.


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  1. Sadly opposition parties are known to use minority grievances to get into power. But it becomes a different issue once they get the power.

  2. Yes, the British helped massacre the Sikhs. Why is this a surprise? The British destroyed the Sikh nation and they also did the Jallianwala Bagh massacre. They stole all your jewels and blew up part of the Harmandar Sahib and built a giant clock tower there. Now the British Sikhs are acting all surprised what happened? It’s obvious they massacred you nothing you can do you are slaves. They will massacre you again if you get too uppity. Sikhs don’t even wear swords anymore like they did for 250 years as 5Ks after the British stopped that, only little tiny useless Kirpans now. So go ahead and pull out your mini-Kirpan, see what happens to you slaves. Most Sikhs don’t even wear that, they hide it under their shirt or go with no weapon at all, ahaha they are totally unarmed. Your Guru Gobind Singh would be proud. What Sikhs should do is find the queen when she’s wearing the crown with the stolen jewels on it, kill her and take back the jewels. But they are cowards and won’t do it even though they are terrorists. Instead they will bow to the Majesty and be thankful for it and serve as guard-slaves of the Majesty. They will thank the Majesty for letting them wear turban while working as a guard-slave for her while she wears their jewels on her head. Now they want inquiry, ahaha. Do Sikhs really need inquiry? Obvious.

    • I am afraid your agent provocateur tactics are as pathetic and ignorant as those of your friend RSS Harinder who no doubt has asked his RSS paymasters for help on this website considering the pasting he has been getting in trying to lower the morale of Sikhs here. I mean are you really the best the Hinduvta taliban can do? ‘Never hear of sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me’? They tell that to children and considering how immature you are I rather thought, well, maybe considering your poor education you didn’t even get that snippet of advice. Let us examine your position. You are trying to be provocative and insulting to elicit anger and anguish amongst the Sikhs on this website but you do so as an internet warrior completely undermining your credibility much like RSS Harinder has done with his slips about supporting genociders and fascists. Every Sikh on this website knows full well there is no way you would ever try to bait and taunt a Sikh face to face no matter how small the kirpan he bears; you are only doing so now because you mistakenly think like most trolls that there is safety in anonymity on the internet. There is not, unless of course you are using encryption and false VPNs to protect your actual IP address as I do. The problem that you have is you are trying to goad the Sikhs and we as a kaum know that such sneering derision was also expressed by the Moghuls and the Britishers when they too presumed to have the upper hand on the Sikhs. Where are they now? Even after all their brutalities and injustices the Sikhs endured and increased in numbers. And like steel is forged from iron in the fire we endure also with your cruelty. You see, the concept of being a shaheed – so utterly terrifying to you and your people who have bowed and scraped down through the centuries to their oppressors to preserve their lives but not their dignity and honour – is innate to the Sikh psyche, we do not fear death because we know Waheguru is with us. You have but stone idols and animal worship so no wonder are bereft of decency and humanity and wish to mock others who possess those virtues with such abundance. You think you can provoke us and incite us but I remind you as well as all the Sikhs that you are trying to demoralise that the Sikhs have Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s Zafarnama to inspire them. He sent this masterful epistle of victory and reproach to the Emperor Aurangzeb who through his bad faith and broken promises had caused the murder of his four sons and mother. You too with your faithlessness – after all your religion only survived till now because of the Sikhs valour and courage to defend your right to believe in fairy tales and superstition – should read the Zafarnama and weep in despair at the hopelessness of your intent to destroy the Sikhs. You have my pity because one should not mock the afflicted or pay heed to the prattle of ignorant Godless fools.

    • Inane rambling again. How many times I have to tell you RSS Harinder that it is better to keep quiet and let others think you are just a fool then it is for you to speak up and prove it.

  3. It is a privilege of EMPIRES to do what they feel like in this world .
    They on Earth enjoy power like that of GODS.

    • ‘They on Earth enjoy power like that of GODS.’ First of all there are no ‘GODS’ just Waheguru alone. So as there are no such thing as Gods there must QED be no power attributable to them. Therefore like your non existent GODS with their non existent powers your Empires have zero power to enjoy because they too are non existent.

  4. Learning from 19 th Century massacres and Genocides
    1) 1919 : Jalliana Wala Massacre :– Ideology : IMPERIALISM
    2) 1932 : WW- 11 :– Ideology : RASCISM & FASCISM.
    3) 1947 : Partition riots. Ideology : FANATICSM.
    4) 1984 : Genocide -3 :– Ideology : FANATICSM and HYPER NATIONALISM.

  5. But you are a supporter of fascism, nationalism, racism and religious fanaticism becuase you support the RSS and Hinduvta taliban and think genocides and massacres are inevitable and normal behaviour.

  6. I have given you historical evidence that Genocides have taken place in past with all communities.
    For us also it is our 3 rd genocides.
    The very fact that I caution against these 5 ideologies means I don’t support it.

    • You do support it becuase you have called for the blessing of those who have committed genocide against Sikhs and have been delighted by Jagdish Tytler beiong given bail. You have also made light of genocides suggesting that they are inevitable and natural and that the Sikhs even bear responsibility for the state sponsored pogrom against them. In additions you actively support terrorising militias like the RSS which are fascist minded organisations committed to racism, ultra nationalism and religious fanaticism.

  7. It is a good idea to forgive and not get into the revenge – Genocide cycle.

    How ever steps need to be taken for prevention of genocide -4 like infinite Punjab, Resurrection policy ,exit policy etc etc.
    If possible we need to get Justice but no one is interested in justice of genocide -3 except us.
    We seem to be friendless in this big world.
    It is not good to be friendless.
    We should have less enemies and more friends.
    Nothing. wrong with RSS .They are worshippers of Lord RAM and Lord KRISHNA.
    They have not done any Fascism like the Nazis of Germany.

    • I have told you many times before you cannot tell a SIkh ‘it is a good idea to forgive and forget’ because that is the opposite of the instruction given to us by Guru Gobind Singh Ji. If you forgive someone who has committed atrocities when they will not even admit to their crimes let alone seek forgiveness and atonement then you are giving them permission to believe they did nothing wrong and encouragement to others to behave the same way. Sikhs also do not believe in your notions of ‘resurrection’ and ‘exit strategy’ which really just amounts to running away and going to live somewhere else away from Punjab where they can try and avoid persecution by keeping their heads down and submitting meekly. Sikhs need not friends because we have Waheguru. We will not give up our identity or our principles just to fit in with others. Lord Ram and Krishna do not exist, they are just figments of human imagination and the RSS is a fascist minded militia intent upon religious intolerance and a ‘return’ to a mythologised Bharat golden past which again has no historical basis. They behaved like Nazi thought police in Chennai only last month by meting out vigilante violence to a couple in a cinema in Chennai who refused to salute the national anthem.

  8. How can you equate not saluting a flag violence to a genocide by Nazis.
    Lord Ram and Krishna are true and not mythology’s.
    Ramayana and Maha Bharat happened .
    Your opinion is not shared by many Sikhs.
    Revenge- violence cycle should not be entered.
    We must all live harmoniously together in India.

    • The Nazis did not start with extermination camps and gas chambers their brown shirts started with thuggish violence and intimidation on the streets against any member of the common population that did not share their national socialist ideology (supposed disrespect of their inverted swastika was indeed once such perceived offence) and this was then built upon by the secret police Gestapo and finally SS. Your Lord Ram and Krishna do not exist and have never existed, they are nothing more than mythology. It is not ‘my’ opinion but that of Sikhism’s doctrine. We do not celebrate diwali because of Ramayana but because it coincides with release from Gwalior Fort of Sixth Guru Hargobind Ji – an event we call Bandi Chor Divas. Our Gurus have made it clear time and time again not to practise blind ritualism, animal worshship, multiple deity worship . It is not my opinion but basic Sikh theology. We do not celebrate Holi because Guru Gobind Singh Ji wanted us to abandon ritualistic frolicking and created the martial alternative Hola Mohalla instead – you might want to tell this to your friend Sukhbir Badal as he seems as ignorant of Sikh doctrine as you. You want to live harmoniously in India then stop abusing peoples of other religions different to yours, learnt the art of live and let live.

  9. Our ancestor’s were Hindus and many of we Sikhs will not disown our Ancestors faith.
    Also no religion can make me fight my own blood brother’s.
    We will live in peace and harmony with our Ancestors Hindu faith following Indians and even intermarry among them.

    • Yes my forebear would have been Hindus but even they in all their ignorance were able to have enough intelligence to realise their beliefs were wrong and converted to Sikhism which made more sense. No Sikh today wishes to castigate his Hindu cousin for his beliefs because we have spent centuries and our precious blood protecting your right to believe in whatever you want but that does not mean we too must subscribe to caveman dark ages beliefs because of a familial bond when we have been enlightened. You cannot believe in One God (Waheguru) and simultaneously also believe in multiple deities, you cannot reject superstition and ritualism and at the same time subscribe to stone age belief of astrology (which is completely disproved by astronomy!), you cannot believe in egalitarianism and at the same time believe in institutionalised caste system, in short you can either be pregnant or not pregnant, you cannot be both at the same time anymore than you can be a Sikh and a Hindu at the same time. In regards to ‘ancestor worship’ I would remind you Guru Nanak demonstrated the complete nonsense of this when trying to throw water to his fields in the Punjab hundreds of miles away whilst Hindus around him were trying to throw water to their long dead ancestors who were not even present on this earth.

    • As for intermarriage. Think of Hinduism with all its obvious software bugs (animal worship, deity worship, idolatory, ritualism, caste belief, astrology et al) as being Windows 95 – a good first attempt at trying to access the world of computing in its day but hopelessly archaic and even dangerous to install onto a computer by today’s standards. Sikhism is the Windows 10 by comparison and you do not need nor should you because of the incompatibility issues to install both on your computer today at the same time as that is bound to lead to internal conflicts and errors and final crash of the machine.

  10. Religions are not soft ware programmes.
    I will never desert faith of my ancestors.
    Sikhs and Hindus are inseparable how so ever hard you may try.
    Lord Ram is Truth and Lord Krishna is Truth as is God Wahe Guru.
    All religions also evolve with Time .

    • No one is asking you to desert the faith of your Hindu ancestors. That just means you are a Hindu. Nothing wrong in that. Be proud of that and declare it openly. Just don’t try to pretend you are a Sikh when you don’t then subscribe to the tenets of the SIkh religion. ‘Sikhs and Hindus are inseparable how so ever hard you may try.’ It is not the Sikhs who have walked away form that familial bond but rather your people. No SIkh demanded a self determination referendum for Punjabi Hindus in 1966, no Sikh voted for that only Hindus voted for ceceding and walking away form Punjab (to create their own state of Haryana) and mother tongue Punjabi. That lack of solidarity was then made even more painful for Sikhs when Hindus delighted in the attack on Darbar Sahib and have remained largely silent when hundreds of thousands of Sikhs have been systematically and illegally disappeared, tortured and murdered. The Sikhs fought and died for the rights of Hindus to exist, why have you not done the same for us is bewildering and painful to us as we thought of you as family. Also a religion cannot ‘evolve’ with Time if it is Truth to begin with because Truth does not change with circumstances let alone the fashion and personal piccadilloes of people over time. What the Gurus taught the Sikhs was TRue over 300 years ago and is exactly the same today – the Gurbani does not change.

  11. M Singh is a true Sikh, well argued sir. Mr Harinder, you should understand that the Sikhs were born by the instruction of Waheguru thru Guru Nanak to educate humans on the real path to GOD.

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