Sukhbir Badal faces wrath of people in Jalalabad

JALALABAD, Punjab—Soon after the implementation of the poll code by the Election Commission, the Deputy Chief Minister of Punjab and Shiromani Akali Dal’s president Sukhbir Badal faced sharp wrath of masses in his turf constituency Jalalabad on January 8. Outraged common masses hurled stones on his caravan due to which some vehicles were damaged and some security personnel were injured.

Sukhbir Badal was on tour of some villages in Jalalabad constituency as per his schedule. When he went to village ‘KandhWala Hazar Khan’, the village residents complained about several issues being faced by them, however, the Deputy Chief Minister gave them no attention.  Some villagers complained about public toilets built in the village but Sukhbir Badal didn’t listen to them carefully and consequently, outraged masses went out of the venue.

Once Sukhbir Badal left the venue along with his caravan, outraged masses started hurling stones on his caravan causing damage to some of vehicles. The Police immediately took action and the village was converted into Police cantonment within few minutes.

Sukhbir Badal has blamed Aam Aadmi Party leader Bhagwant Mann for inciting the common masses to hurl stones on Akali leaders. Notably, Bhagwant Mann has been also nominated by AAP from Jalalabad.  Bhagwant Mann however denied any involvement.  In a post on Facebook, the Aam Aadmi Party leader stated that the anguish was due to concerns of the common men, and not by Aam Aadmi Party.

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  1. Stones will do nothing, the caravan will just drive away as it did happen. Bullets and RPGs are needed to stop caravan. Or maybe these Sikhs were only joking but were not serious about stopping Badal. Seems like it.

    • You are just a Hinduvta Taliban agent provocateur trying to incite violence so that you can try and justify police state retribution against Sikhs. It is a pity your forebear did not stop the ‘caravans’ taking away Hindu girls back to Afghanistan and had to rely on the Sikhs to intercept and retrieve your honour. What gratitude you show us now with your faithlessness.

  2. We need to elect a SUPER CHIEF MINISTER for PUNJAB who will boldy lead us to places we have not gone before .
    He needs to take us on a grand voyage in this infinite Universe to different
    1) Planets
    2) Galaxies
    3) Universes
    He like a good DOCTOR should be able to heal the wounds community has suffered in past due to Imperialism , Fascism ,Racism ,Fanaticism and Hyper Nationalism.

    He should also make the people of PUNJAB into

    2) Having ” EXCEPTIONALISM”
    3) Having ” MANIFEST DESTINY”

    • Harinder. You said last month that you were happy the Sikh genocide happened. You praised the people who committed the murders of innocent Sikh men, women, and little children. Have you no shame?

      • All communities have undergone genocides including Sikhs.
        I have not praised a genocider.
        I have only called for forgiveness .

        • You have praised genociders because you have asked not just for their forgiveness (even though none are asking for it because that would be an admission of guilt which they won’t give because they don’t feel remorse) but also for those genociders to be ‘blessed’ by God (which of course means sanctifying their murderous acts). You have also expressed delight that Jagdish Tytler received bail again from the genocide charges he was facing. And what do you mean ‘all communities have undergone genocides like Sikhs’? Which other community in India has also suffered comparable state sponsored pogrom and decades of institutionalised human rights abuses?

    • Exceptionalism? Like the caste system you mean? Manifest Destiny? Like the Dalit should just accept he is born on the bottom rung of ladder under the Brahmin and should just stay there without complaint? RSS Harinder you are a support of fascism, nationalism, racism, fanaticism and of religious supremacists and the only Doctor you respect is Nazi Doctor Mengele. No one is listening to your siren calls on this website.

      • Even a Dalit can become an great guy if he believes himself to be a chosen one or in exceptionalism.
        These are powerful words and can break down any caste barriers of history.

        • ”Even’ a Dalit can become an great guy’ ‘Even’ What do you mean ‘even’? The Dalit is no different in status than a Brahmin. Both are exactly the same because there is no such thing as exceptionalism just bigotry against others. Caste system is an abomination.

  3. Worshippers of Murti, animals, plants & anti humanity people should not try to guide sikhs who create history. Don’t interfere, we know what to do & when to do? Just try to find a better way to live in this universe with peace with the will of God.

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