Ardas Beadbi: SGPC Pardons Maluka – Despite Finding Him Guilty

AMRITSAR SAHIB, Punjab—Following a report from an SGPC initiated investigation, the SGPC and it’s installed Jathedars have decided to forgive Sikander ‘Singh’ Maluka, pending a list of reprimands that he has been ordered to complete.

In a surprising twist, the SGPC and it’s Jathedars have announced that Maluka has been found guilty of the allegation of distorting the Sikh ardas, however, the decision has been followed up with announcements of the following light reprimands, which will then absolve him of what Sikhs have been labelling ‘a blasphemous attack on Sikh traditions’.

SGPC President Kirpal Singh Badungar presided over the decision to forgive Maluka

Maluka is being made to perform langar sewa and sewa of the sangat’s shoes for one hour each, donate 51,000 rupees to the SGPC, pay for an Akhand Path and listen to Gurbani at the Harmandar Sahib. He is also being tasked with washing utensils at Talwandi Sabo and Damdama Sahib for one day per location, pay towards a langar, and donate a further 31,000 rupees at each location, going to the SGPC.

Professor Kirpal Singh Badungar, the current SGPC President, presided over the meeting with the Jathedars, who have been ousted by the Sarbat Khalsa of 2015, and arrived at the above decisions after deliberating on the submitted report by an SGPC team.


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  1. A new low set by the corrupted SGPC even by their depraved standards. They pardon Ram Rahim and put saropas around the necks of the Badals and now this. Since when is it ‘punishment’ for a Sikh to perform langar sewa and sewa of the sangat’s shoes let alone for an hour?! Since when has it become ‘punishment’ for a Sikh to listen to the ambrosial Gurbani let alone at Harminder Sahib?! And ‘punishment’ for washing utensils which Sikhs do every day as seva! The only ‘punishment’ this apostate has been given is to pay fines – as he no doubt loves money as much as the men he allowed to blaspheme our Ardas – and even his payment of fines is going to the SGPC mahants and will no doubt trickle back to his feet like a stream of urine! The SGPC has proven once again it is not fit to serve the Khalsa Panth and is nothing more now than a sacrilegous Brahmanical organisation intent upon placing deity idols inside our sanctorums and even distorting Gurbani with the filth of their heresy.

  2. We gave the order to SGPC to forgive this beadbi and they must do what we say. Otherwise get out of India and go to Pakistan. We are the ruler, you are the slave. Why are you worried of SGPC? SGPC is only our puppet. It is the hindu that is in charge, meanwhile you are worried of SGPC. You remove SGPC we will arrest your new Jathedars, torture them, then pay them and make them our agents also. Nothing you can do.

    • I am afraid your agent provocateur tactics are as pathetic and ignorant as those of your friend RSS Harinder who no doubt has asked his RSS paymasters for help on this website considering the pasting he has been getting in trying to lower the morale of Sikhs here. I mean are you really the best the Hinduvta taliban can do? ‘Never hear of sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me’? They tell that to children and considering how immature you are I rather thought, well, maybe considering your poor education you didn’t even get that snippet of advice. Let us examine your position. You are trying to be provocative and insulting to elicit anger and anguish amongst the Sikhs on this website but you do so as an internet warrior completely undermining your credibility much like RSS Harinder has done with his slips about supporting genociders and fascists. Every Sikh on this website knows full well there is no way you would ever try to bait and taunt a Sikh face to face no matter how small the kirpan he bears; you are only doing so now because you mistakenly think like most trolls that there is safety in anonymity on the internet. There is not, unless of course you are using encryption and false VPNs to protect your actual IP address as I do. The problem that you have is you are trying to goad the Sikhs and we as a kaum know that such sneering derision was also expressed by the Moghuls and the Britishers when they too presumed to have the upper hand on the Sikhs. Where are they now? Even after all their brutalities and injustices the Sikhs endured and increased in numbers. And like steel is forged from iron in the fire we endure also with your cruelty. You see, the concept of being a shaheed – so utterly terrifying to you and your people who have bowed and scraped down through the centuries to their oppressors to preserve their lives but not their dignity and honour – is innate to the Sikh psyche, we do not fear death because we know Waheguru is with us. You have but stone idols and animal worship so no wonder are bereft of decency and humanity and wish to mock others who possess those virtues with such abundance. You think you can provoke us and incite us but I remind you as well as all the Sikhs that you are trying to demoralise that the Sikhs have Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s Zafarnama to inspire them. He sent this masterful epistle of victory and reproach to the Emperor Aurangzeb who through his bad faith and broken promises had caused the murder of his four sons and mother. You too with your faithlessness – after all your religion only survived till now because of the Sikhs valour and courage to defend your right to believe in fairy tales and superstition – should read the Zafarnama and weep in despair at the hopelessness of your intent to destroy the Sikhs. You have my pity because one should not mock the afflicted or pay heed to the prattle of ignorant Godless fools.

  3. My Punjabi Sikh brothers and sisters there are many tasks ahead please add the name of this Maluka clown to the list. Let justice be served with a swift and sharp talwar.

  4. Rajgopal Krishnan or whatever monkey religion you belong to search history what happened to the upperhand puppets like the Moghuls and British……. You absolutely disgusting stone worshippers – think you are brave on the website – come out and face us….. You have clearly stated the set mind of India today!

  5. Mr Krishnan just wait today the forces who are dumping on Sikhs will dump on you then what are you going to do ? may be run to sikhs and ask for protection , don’t worry sikhs will protect you without asking.

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