2017 Assembly Polls: SAD fields former Army General J.J. Singh against Captain Amarinder Singh

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—The ruling Shiromani Akali Dal led by Sukhbir Badal has fielded former Indian Army General J.J Singh against the Punjab Congress head Captain Amarinder Singh from Patiala (Urban) constituency. General J.J Singh joined Shiromani Akali Dal on January 7 in the presence its President Sukhbir Badal.

Interacting with media, General J.J Singh claimed that he will oust the Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee head Captain Amarinder Singh from Punjab politics by defeating him with large margin. He added that ballot battle between him and Captain will be a battle between a scion of royalty and soldier’s grandson.

On being asked about the delayed decision of getting into election fray, General J.J Singh said that he would work 18 hours a day while Captain Amarinder Singh works only 6 hours in a day. ‘In this way, I will be working for 66 days while Captain Amarinder Singh will be working for 22 days only’ he added.

Reacting to General J.J Singh’s nomination by Shiromani Akali Dal against him, Captain Amarinder Singh has said that March 11 will be a unique day in history when a General will get apprised of his defeat by a Captain.

The duo will be contesting against Aam Aadmi Party’s Dr. Balbir Singh.

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  1. The respectable former chief will be a big asset to the new Govt which takes over Punjab.
    He needs to be in its cabinet.

    • Judge a man by the company he keeps is an old adage. How then can you claim this Fauju is respectable when he seeks the patronage of the excommunicated Badals? And why should he be an asset to Punjab Government cabinet? What expertise does he bring precisely? He knows how to instigate martial law and is one of those who ‘was only obeying orders’? Yes, I can understand why you are happy for him to join your ranks.

  2. The respectable former chief will be a big asset to the new Govt which takes over Punjab.
    He needs to be in its cabinet.

    • Does not matter how many times you repeat a falsehood, it will never be accepted by the righteous as truth.

    • What are you a parrot? You sound like a parrot hari ram! I know in lundia you can just repeat the same lie over and over and because there is no credible media, people with no education might believe it, but in the real world we read and can smell the bullshit from miles away. Try again tota!

  3. India is an evil murderous regime and the Indian army is disgusting and does the dirty work for the Indian government… during 1984 Sikh genocide the Indian army generals were fully involeved and we all know what they did in June 1984 but in November 1984 propane, gasoline, fire matches, toxic white powder and rods and weapons were distributed all across India by military vehicles and congress leaders and military officials planned this genocide together… they evil killed many Sikh army men and I don’t know How anyone who ever claims to be a Sikh can hold that disgusting bloody Indian flag, the hell with India the worlds most disgusting country

  4. One has to be careful in this world from 5- ideologies
    1) Fanaticsm
    2) Hyper Nationalism
    3) Rascism
    4) Fascism
    5) Imperialism

    We all live in a multi religious,multi racial,multi National which has multiple Dictators and rising and falling Empires.
    Genocides have happened to several communities and Nations have evolved with Time.

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