Badal Fears New Jathedars – Has Jathedar Baljit Singh Daduwal Arrested Again

QUADIAN, Gurdaspur, Punjab—Jathedar Baljit Singh Daduwal has been arrested by the Punjab police in an apparent attempt to prevent them from attending the celebrations of the 350th anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh ji, currently underway at Patna Sahib.

The three Jathedars who were appointed by the Sikh Panth during the Sarbat Khalsa of last year have been repeatedly arrested during the last year, whenever they were known to be attending large functions.

It seems clear that the Badal government is afraid of the influence that the Panthik Jathedars have with the people, as opposed to the disdain felt for current government-installed puppets of the government.


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  1. Badal is a nice CM. People of Punjab need to thank him for his good leadership.
    We need next to elect a

    “SUPER CM”

    • Ha Ha ha ha ha hahahhahahhhh hahh hahh ha !! What ?? What a retard. Really by your ridiculous broken english i can assume you are a product of some moronic brain washing!! Maybe the RSS (Reviled Stupid Sociopaths) primary school!!

      • What RSS Harinder means is that Badal is a nice CM for him and his Hinduvta people to whom Badals have given great service (trying to destroy Sikh religions, kill Sikhs, allow looting of Punjab’s waters, etc).

  2. You may elect another CM .
    This is the best any CM of Punjab can achieve.
    Punjab is part of the world and not the world.

    • ‘You may elect another CM’ Really? You are going to allow people from other parties to make hustings (no more stoning of opposition leaders cars in Ludhiana?) and rallies without being arrested? Of course not. ‘This si the best CM Punjab achieve’? Damning with feint praise indeed. You think the Badal family has done lot of good to Punjab and its people? No arrests of the beadbi culprits after over a year, failure to stop looting of Punjab’s river waters, highest levels of female infoetocide, highest levels of drug traffiking, highest levels of drug addiction anywhere in india, highest levels of water pollution and adulteration of foodstuffs including milk, bringing the SGPC into total disrepute, stopping Sikhs from exercising their religious rights and civil liberties such as Sarbat Khalsa, stoning of opposition party’s leader’s car in Ludhiana to stop his hustings, repeated kidnapping of Bapu Surat Singh on hunger strike in his own home and force feeding him against his will in direct contravention of his human rights, prancing about with hair untied to celebrate Holi (not the Sikh festival of Hola Mohalla) whilst beadbi of Guru Granth Sahib is occurring, the highest levels of farmer suicides ever recorded in Punjab or that Punjab is now on the verge of bankruptcy whilst the Badal clans personal fortunes have rocketed with all their monopolies and alleged drug traffiking involvement through their man Majithia? Yes, I am very sure you and your Hinduvta patrons are satisfied with the Badal’s performance, perhaps you can give Sukhbir Padma Vibhushan also for services rendered just as Gulab Singh received Rajaship of Kashmir from his puppet masters for his undermining works against the Khalsa Raj. Perhaps you wish to acclaim CM Badal for being a fine family man for camping in Delhi for nine days to get his daughter-in-law Harsimrat Badal (same woman who went on live Punjabi TV to say she did not know who the owners of a bus company were who had employed a rapist driver when she was one of the owners herself!) appointed as a Union Cabinet Minister but couldn’t find any time during that sojourn in Delhi to fight for justice for the victims of 1984 Sikh genocide. Yes, Badal is definitely the man for you.
      Under his leadership Punjab is on verge of bankruptcy whilst his personal family fortunes have skyrocketed. He has maintained cordial relationship with central Government in the same way a pimp maintains good relations with his best customer as Punjab is repeatedly raped of its river waters. He is the best lap dog the Hinduvta taliban have and they are loathe to lose him in the same way any owner would miss his obedient pet or drug cartel would miss their best dealer / earner. Badal is nothing more than a Herod with his Sanhedrin SGPC all acting on behalf of their polytheist Caesar in Delhi.

  3. The CM of Punjab is not the PM of India.
    You may put x,y,z as CM of Punjab.
    Nothing much will change due to the fact that Punjab is a small state with little resources and a drug problem.
    We need to build new Punjab in this universe where we can flourish.
    Indian Punjab can at the best be our roots ,but our growth will be have to be in the infinite universe we inhabit.

    • ‘Nothing much will change due to the fact that Punjab is a small state with little resources and a drug problem.’ But you and your Hinudvta friends have made it a small state with your carving up of its land territory in 1966 to artificially create Haryana and HM and have systematically looted its most precious resource of river waters! It’s like a thief criticising that a man’s house is poor after he has robbed it again and again. As for your contention that no matter who we get as CM they are subservient not to their constituents but to the PM (incidentally something that Modi would never allow his Gujarati people to think) then again you are making the case for Punjab to be autonomous as only that can free the hands of its elected leader to safeguard Punjab’s best interests. Lucky for you you are not a Sikh as that can easily be construed as sedition. Sikhs can not leave their homeland and heartland of PUnjab anymore than the Jew can leave Israel or the Muslim Mecca so give up on that silly ambition and migrate to pastures new yourself. I think you should be a space pioneer as you always talk of galaxies and planets and will help pay for your fare onto any rocket.

  4. What has Badal achieved in Punjab – look around you DRUGS, ALCOHOL DESTROYING SIKHI ….. of course you think he is your hero – another traitor! Drugs problem created by this mob.. it suits you RSS agents to destroy Sikhs but know one thing how the Mughals came tumbling down and you think Badal is something else?

  5. I am saying that elect the best guy to be our CM.
    There is a limit up to which he can improve things in Punjab .The size of Punjab ,the skill set of people and drugs will all be a limiting factors.
    Short of educating our kids, keeping them away from drugs ,enhancing there skills and making them space faring people.
    Punjab is reaching an upper limit of it’s potential

    • ‘ Punjab is reaching an upper limit of it’s potential’. We have given the world a universal religion of Sikhism, we have given our culture to the world in terms of our dress, bhangra music, language, cuisine, demonstrated valour beyond compare (Sargarhi ring any bell with you). Tell me what potential your people have shown?

  6. Who stops you to be free.
    Go and make a place for your self in this infinite universe we live in .
    From the different planets,galaxies and Universes all are awating for exploration and spread of life on it.

    • Who stops you being free? Every day we have news of Sikhs being arbitraliy arrested on false pretext – a Sarbat Khalsa Kathedar and his family arrested and stopped attending the Gurpurb celebrations of Guru Gibdin Singh Ji, the repeated kidnapping of Bapu Surat Singh from his own home to a hospital where he is force fed against his will and charged a bill for it! Just because you refuse to see the inhuman and illegal injustices and abuyse being done to Sikhs does not make them non-existent. As for ‘go and make a place for yourself’ – the SIkhs alrteayd di that over centuries of spilling their blood and sweat and tears – it is called the Punjab.

  7. To improve present day Punjab

    1) Improve its education
    2) Improve its skills set.
    3) Improve its infrastructure.
    4) Improve it’s health facilities by having primary to tertiary hospitals.
    5) Improve its security.
    6 ) Get jobs by clean high tech industries.
    7) Be care full of four ideologies namely fascism,fanatism,imperialism and hyper nationalism.
    8) Improve agriculture and veteniary practises.
    9 ) Bring Space exploration in a major way which is our future
    10) Incultate culture of research and innovation.
    11) Have a young and dynamic population.

  8. Points 1) to 11) all easily solved by adopting Anandpur Sahib Resolutions and move to Sikhi. Point 7) is achieved by the banning of RSS and other Hinduvta taliban organisations like Shiv Sena from Punjab.

  9. Be careful of ideologies and those who practise it.

    1) Imperalism
    2) Fascism and Racism
    3) Fanaticism
    4) Hyper Nationalism.

    • Yes, you should be careful of all these ‘man made’ ideologies all of which are part and parcel of the doctrine of the RSS and other Hinduvta Taliban groups like the Shiv Sena.

  10. Learning from 19 Century massacres and Genocides

    1) 1919 : Jalliana Wala Massacre :– Ideology : IMPERIALISM
    2) 1932 : WW- 11 :– Ideology : RASCISM & FASCISM.
    3) 1947 : Partition riots. Ideology : FANATICSM.
    4) 1984 : Genocide -3 :– Ideology : FANATICSM and HYPER NATIONALISM.

  11. If we don’t have

    1) ‘INFINITE PUNJAB’S” in this Infinite Universe
    2) Don’t have an “EXIT POLICY” .
    3) Don’t have an “RESURRECTION” Policy

    We are DOOMED.
    Genocides , disasters ,World wars , Nukes ,Epidemics ,Meterors striking ,Burning up of earth ,Death of Sun ,Death of Stars ,Death of Universe are all future DOOMS scenarios which may hit us in future.

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