Sikh Police Officers In NYC Allowed To Wear Turban

Sikh Officers of the NYPD with Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill

NEW YORK CITY, USA—During a press conference in Madison Square Gardens, the New York City Police Department have announced an inclusion of new policy which will officially allow Sikh policemen and women to include the Sikh dastar (turban) as a part of their uniform. Prior to this policy change, Sikh officers had to wear a patka (tied cloth) under the officer’s uniform hat.

The Sikh Officers Association worked with NYC Mayor, Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner for the NYPD, James P. O’Neill, in making the inclusion possible. 

More Sikhs will now be able to apply for a career in the NYPD and are expected to enrol for the upcoming police officer exam. The SOA is offering assistance to any prospective member of the Sikh community hoping to go for the exam.

Only two years ago, a large campaign group with The Sikh Coalition took place, expressing disappointment with the NYPD for discriminating against Sikhs in not allowing the dastar. 

News of the change comes as a delight to the local Sikh community who have long since wanted to be included in the force but unable to, due to the pre-existing uniform rule.


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  1. What barrier? WHere’s the Sikhs? A SIkh does not cut there hair. So sad that a true Sikh is not among these wanna be Sikhs. Please brothers and sisters just cut all your hair instead of this pretense to be a SIkh. How can a true Sikh explain why they do not trim their beards?

    • Your obviously an extremist. A true Sikh is someone that does not judge one by their appearance. That clearly is not you. The first thing you did when you viewed pictures of these individuals is judge them by their appearance. Did you have a chance to meet with these individuals? Converse with these individuals? If not how did you come to your conclusion? A true Sikh is anyone that is willing to spend their lives learning and being a better person for mankind. So how are you a true Sikh? Because you have a beard that’s longer then mine? It’s because of people like you that have this backwards way of thinking that it is taking this long for the world to see who we really are. Extremists like you are what is holding our religion back. Neither is man Hindu nor Muslim. Man is one. God is one. We are all his children.

      • Your obviously an idiot. If you don’t understand Sikh Reyat Maradya then please go to a local Gurudawara and ask why the Granthi adheres to the five Ks. A Sikh is an amritdari person. There are many people who would call themselves a Sikh but that does not make them a Sikh. There is a reason why Guru Gobind Singh Ji made the Khalsa; to create a “separate” identity regardless of colour, caste and creed. Yes it is mandatory for all Sikhs to take Amrit and retain the five Ks, without which you are not a part of the Sikh Panth. On that fateful day in 1699 when Guruji created the Khalsa, out of the thousands present who professed their loyalty to the Guru only 25 came forward and took Amrit. I understand the need for individuals to attempt to cling to a family heritage, but picking and choosing aspects of our religion to display hardly make them a Sikh. Unfortunately it has become to common for so called Sikhs to drink liquor eat meat cut their hair and then show up to the Gurudawara on Sunday morning. Adhering to the principles of ones faith hardly holds back anyone, as the article on Jagmeet Singh shows. Calling people extremist for following their religion is an an idiotic and absurd conclusion.

      • Jinaa Singhaa Singhneeyaa Ne Dharam Het Sees Dithe, Bund Bund Kuttai, Khopriya Luhayiya, Charukriya Te Churhe, Aariaa Naal Chiraae Ge, Gurdwaraiya Di Seva Layee Kurbaniya Keethiya, Dharam Nehee Haariye, Sikhi Kesaa Suwaasaa Naal Nibaahee, Tina Dee Kamaaee Daa Dhiyaan Dhar Ke Bolo Ji Waheguroo
        Think of and remember the unique service rendered by those brave Sikh men as well as women, who sacrificed their heads but did not surrender their Sikh Religion; Who got themselves cut to pieces from each of the joints of the body; Who got their scalps removed; Who were tied and rotated on the wheels and broken into pieces; Who were cut by saws; Who were flayed alive; Who sacrificed themselves to upkeep the dignity of the Gurdwaras; Who did not abandon their Sikh faith; Who kept their Sikh Religion and saved their long hair till their last breath; Utter Wahe Guru (Wondrous God)!

  2. We appreciate The sikh coalition for their efforts, sikhs are in US more than 100 years, this is first time the gov allowed bearing turban in police.

  3. FALSE FALSE> TRUE story is that they are not letting Sikhs in NYPD. The real story is that although the officers from Sikh back grounds can look something like a Sikh; they are still expected to cut their beard to less than an inch long!!! What is this garbage?? We will accept you if you cut your hair!! WTF are we thinking that this is any kind of victory. We fought in two world wars with uncut hair, but we cant keep our identity to hand out parking infractions in midtown!!!

  4. Thanks for correction! Perhaps we have lost too much & just satisfy with a small sign of sikhl. Perhaps sikh is becoming weak, perhaps we need to awaken the spirit of sikhi with the blessings of Guru Sahib. Perhaps we forget the Guru’s words ” rehat piari muzko, sikh piara nahi” I think sikhs have to analyze them, where we are going? Are we are going in the right direction? Are we are following our Gursikh brothers in the history? Do we know the correct definition of Gursikh that Guru Sahib gave us? Guru da Khalsa!

    • No brother SIkhii is only getting stronger. Recently I went to Australia and met Sikhs living in the most remote parts of the country for the last 100 years. Hard working, successful with a beautiful Gurdawara.
      There are Sikhs in all corners of the globe, we may only have a small population but through the guidance of the Guru we have no worry of Sikhii ever becoming weak. The fact we are on this website and able to share the struggles of our brothers and sisters all over the world is an amazing feat in itself. We are fighting one of the worlds largest militaries in India, who has spent billions trying to convince the world we are terrorists, but still we forge ahead without fear.

      I did not mean to belittle the efforts of the Sikh Coalition, rather I applaud their efforts at all levels. But sadly we as a community we are letting outsiders define what a Sikh is, and not correcting the misinterpretations of our belief system. Issues like being able to were a Siri Sahib (Kirpan) on a plane or to a baseball game; or more importantly the role of the Siri Sahib entirely. If we let the Siri Sahib become a “ceremonial dagger” we have lost the reason why the Guru made it one of the five K’s. The Siri Sahib is a weapon, its purpose is to defend oneself and others against harm, if it is 2 inches long and tucked into our dastar, then I’m sorry it serves no use at all. The same with correct pronunciation of “Sikh” it is pronounced like sick not seek, right? As Saint Soldiers we have to conduct our selves as Saints with the ability to defend not only our beliefs but those of others. Training in arms is a must for all Sikhs. Thats right get a gun license, buy an AR-15 , join a shooting range or a MMA gym. If there are Sikhs in the US with guns then start a Youtube channel discussing and shooting weapons, mainly because of the right to bear arms that exists in the US. The internet is a great way to spread the truth about the plight of the Sikhs in India and other parts of the globe.

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