Lehna Singh: Scientist, Inventor, Astronomer & Weapons Expert

Lehna Singh Majithia of Lahore – During the reign of (Maha)Raja Ranjit Singh

A general in the army of (Maha)Raja Ranjit Singh, and an avid student of science, Sardar Lehna Singh’s feats of ingenuity and innovation leave an impressive legacy of a man who became Ranjit Singh’s wisest advisers.

A moon phase clock, muskets and cannons, battle strategy preparations, sun-dials, language, arts and astronomical observations were but some of his areas of interest.

See the video below of Bhai Sukhdeep Singh Udhoke highlighting Sardar Lehna Singh’s Majithia contributions…



  1. We must have a factory installed in all the different Punjabs of the world who produce Nobel prize winners on an Industrial scale.

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