Known Murder Inciter In Dhadriawala Attack Arrives in UK

BIRMINGHAM, UK—The spokesman for Harnam Singh Dhumma (head of one of the Damdami Taksal factions), who has been the most outspoken supporter of the attack on Ranjit Singh Dhadriawale in May, has arrived in the UK.

Charanjit Singh Jassowal is accused of being party to the individuals who stopped Ranjit Singh’s convoy of vehicles under the pretext of a shabeel (historical Sikh water serving stall) and opened fire, killing Sikh sevadar (volunteer), Bhai Bhupinder Singh, in the process. 

The incident took place after speeches of Ranjit Singh were taken out of context by a few of the fringe Taksal groups in the UK and India. Most notably, the Jagowala group and close supporters of Dhumma released inflammatory speeches against Ranjit Singh, which culminated in the subsequent violent events.

Most surprisingly, Jassowal spoke with media after his arrest in connection with the killing, and he was broadcasted condoning the killing, as well as inciting further killings of those who spoke up against their group leader, Dhumma. Jassowal openly sprinkled flowers on the accused killer of Bhai Bhupinder Singh, in a display of support for his attack.

The visit to the UK has surprised many regular Sikh sangat, as well as Dhadriwala’s supporters in the UK and India, as they begin to peace together which Gurdwara organizations and individuals may have sponsored the entry for such a volatile individual who is likely to spread further disharmony in the Sikh community in the UK.

Video of Jassowal’s inflammatory comments:


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  1. WHAT IS THIS BAFOON DOING IN THE UK????? The Sikhs in U.K. please keep a close eye on this evil person only god knows what he is doing here in England…. ALSO DHUMMA IS CLEARLY AN INDIAN AGENT THE DAMDAMI TAKSAL HAS UNFORTUNATELY BEEN HIJACKED BY INDIAN AGENTS AND DHUMMA IS SUPPORTED BY KPS GILL AND DHUMMA IS AN AMERICAN CITIZEN, HE IS BARELY 5″5, how did this midget become a leader of damidami tarsal???? Dhumma beard is bigger then himself, dhummma also has been caught putting ladoos or sweets in the mouth of BADAL, LIKE LITERALLY YOU CAN SEE PICTURES OF THIS ONLINE, HE FEEDING BADAL AS IF HE IS BADALS MOTHER FEEDING LADOOS TO HED SON ON HIS WEDDING DAY, WHAT A SHAME, PLEASE EXPOSE DHUMMA TO THE PUBLIC HE IS AN EVIL LITTLE FAKE BABA MIDGET

  2. Report him to the Home Office with the video evidence. That can get his visa cancelled and his re-entry into the UK barred.

    • Then why you have given him Indian passport instead of arresting him for inciting murder of a fellow Indian citizen? You arrest any Sikh coming into the country on trumped up charges of sedition so why do you protect this thug and allow him to move freely?

  3. No Sikh should ever murder any one .
    We may take part in battles and excel in it.
    Murder we must never do.
    It is a Sin to kill.

    • What is your definition of hyper religious guys amongst us? Is it the Sikh in his dastaar bearing the five kakkars who refuses to bow to injustice? I would say rather beware anyone calling themselves a Sikh who does not both look and act like one.

    • LOL! A blanket, ambiguous definition worthy of Punjab police and judiciary which allows you to point a finger at anyone who wears a dastaar then. You reveal your true authoritarian self.

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