Sikh Lady Kills Two Men After Freeing Herself From Captivity

hari-naam-kaurSANTIAGO, Chile—A 61 year old Sikh lady has been cleared of any wrong doing after shooting two men dead after awaking to find her home being burgled last Thursday. She was hit over the head and tied up as the four men proceeded to attempt to burgle the household.

HariNaam Kaur Khalsa managed to untie herself and reach under her pillow to pull out a gun and shoot two of the intruders. The remaining two men ran off as they heard the gunfire from the ground floor.

HariNaam Kaur is a yoga instructor who was originally from Texas, USA, before converting to Sikhi and starting her own yoga classes.

The authorities there have confirmed that she acted in self-defense and shall not be prosecuted. They have, however, issued HariNaam Kaur with protection, in case of any reprisals from the remaining gang members.


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