Sikh Activist Tells Court: Bhindranwale My Role Model

manwinder singh

LUDHIANA, Punjab—During a court hearing, Manvinder Singh Giaspura stated that he had done nothing wrong by wearing a t-shirt with picture of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale.  “Bhindranwale is my role model and wearing his t-shirts should not be considered a crime,” he alleged.  Giaspura is facing charges under section 153A of Code of Criminal Procedure (Cr. P.C).  A case was filed by the local unit of the Shiv Sena against Giaspura, alleging that the latter was disturbing peace in Punjab by wearing Sant Bhindranwale’s insignia.

Justice Radhika Puri differed the hearing to October 15.  It is notable that during the previous court hearing, defense lawyer Jaspal Singh Manjhpur appealed the court to terminate the case due to late submission of FIR by the prosecution.

Manvinder Singh Giaspura is president of the Hondh Chillad Sangharsh Committee which is looking after the legal procedures in the case of Sikh massacre that took place in Haryana during 1984.

Giaspura told the court that the Punjab government has maintained double standards of law in the state. He maintained that when non-Sikhs committed sacrilege of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji in 2011 in Ludhiana, the Punjab government ordered the administration to remove section 153A from the case, but now the same government has implemented 153A on him for just distributing t-shirts with the picture of Sant Bhindranwale.

If Giaspura wins this case, Sikhs will be allowed to wear Sant Bhindranwale’s t-shirts openly in Punjab.  Shiv Sena might challenge the case in higher court however.

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  1. what about if Hindus decide (Im sure they would never) to wear the pics of Sajjan Kumar jakharh, Jagdish tytler. would not sikh community be hurt. ?
    dont do things which hurt any humen beings. Sarvet da bhala mabgen wale aaj criminal nu appreciate kardi hai, ki ehi sikhism da message hai ?

    • SSA nandy narang
      I have a question for you please dont take it wrong way.
      Please tell me SANT GIANI JARNAIL SINGH KHALSA JI who saved hindu girl which was kidnaaped by hindus in punjab, how can HE be a criminal? Why hindus oppose HIM when he also gave money to hindus to fight the case when Your religious book GITA was burnt in kapurthala.
      HE never hatred hindus , he always said a hindu should be true hindu and A SIKH should be true SIKH.
      But people like yourselves have problem with SIKHS cuz you dont want them to het justice and freedom from the slavery of india where same laws are applied with different manner on hindu and SIKHS.
      Please watch this video below cuz ,may be you are not more siana then subrmaniam swami , he is a hindu and he is praising SANT GIANI JARNAIL SINGH KHALSA JI. Pls dont just listen to other extremist or i will say even fake hindus who hv nothing to do with releigion except creating trouble. Pls watch this video in full. I think you shouldnt have any problem to listen a hindu cuz subriamaniam swami is hindu, so pls listen it in full

      If this libk doesnt work then type subriamaniam swami talking about operation blue star and you will find the video.
      If youse dont hate SIKHS then why at the time of PUNJABI SUBA morcha most of the hindus of Punjab opposed it and they even said that their first language or mother tongue is Hindi not punjabi. Pls tell me what language people of Punjab speak in general?
      I think if you are a good hindu and understand the difference between GOOD and bad then you will understand who is wrong. But if you are just a puppet who dont care about right or wring and care about the word hindu no matter even if they are wrong then except GOD noBody can help you.

    • Pls also watch this video in full cuz i dont want to say it may be you will understand it more if you watch it.
      And SIKH always SARBAT da BHALA hee mangfey han,par shayad fake tuhanu oh dikhda nae read SIKH HISTORY that SIKH kisey da gulam nae .

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