Seva Food Bank proudly endorses Diversity and Inclusion Charter of Peel

MISSISSAUGA, ON, Canada—Seva Food Bank is proud to endorse and support the newly developed Diversity and Inclusion Charter of Peel.

The Diversity and Inclusion Charter of Peel is a regional initiative to foster inclusiveness and equity in Peel. Developed through extensive community consultation, the Charter is a living document that supports the implementation of existing national and provincial legislation.

“At Seva Food Bank we value diversity, and this is something that you can easily see through both our client base and volunteers” says Director of Programs and Youth Development Sadia Rafiquddin. “This Charter was so in line with our values around diversity that it is natural for us to lend our support behind it”.

The Charter serves to create an inclusive Peel that values, respects and embraces diversity and equity so that everyone can achieve their full potential.

Harbaljit Singh Kahlon, member of the Board of Directors says  “Being involved in the Diversity Charter was a very natural fit for us,  as diversity is something we’ve practiced at the Seva Food Bank since the beginning.  Whether it’s from a programming perspective or something as simple as serving culturally appropriate food to our clients, we strive for our clients and volunteers to always feel welcome and know they will be taken care of in many capacities”.

The Seva Food Bank and various Peel organizations worked together actively in roundtable discussions to develop the Charter.  The Charter is in line with the Seva Food Bank’s goal of  striving to make a difference within the community by acting on the fundamental values of equality and the well being of all.

“This Charter will ensure that diversity is respected and recognized and this is something we strive for almost everyday at Seva Food Bank” says Board of Directors Chair Gurmeet Ahluwalia. “Knowing that organizations in Peel that are dedicated to serving the community are all aiming towards the same vision and mission makes us proud to be a part of this family”.

The Seva Food Bank provides safe, nutritious and culturally-appropriate food to low- income families living in Mississauga’s L5B and L5C postal codes. An initiative of Sikhs Serving Canada, a registered charitable not-for-profit organization, our mission is to positively impact local communities by acting on the basic Sikh tenets of sarbat da bhalla(the well being of all) and seva (selfless service).