New Jersey, USA (August 22, 2012)—Sikh24 learned a few days ago that Avtar Singh, 72, one of the founding members of the Glenrock Gurdwara Sahib in New Jersey was brutally beaten by his neighbor. Upon hearing unconfirmed reports of another Sikh being attacked, Sikh24 immediately reached out to United Sikhs who at the time were still unaware of the incident.

The incident started when Avtar Singh approached the neighbor, a white male in his 30’s, asking him to move his vehicle from their common driveway. The neighbor began an argument, resulting in a physical confrontation.

The neighbor snatched the elderly Sikh man’s turban and threw it on the ground. He then flung Avtar Singh down to the concrete and broke his 2 front teeth. The neighbor then punched the victim in his stomach numerous times.

As Avtar Singh turned to protect his face, his kirpan fell out of his gatra. The assailant grabbed his kirpan and threw it at a distance. He then called the police to report that he was “attacked” by Avtar Singh with a “weapon.”

Our sources say that Avtar Singh was then arrested by the police and may have been charged with assault with a deadly weapon—the exact charge is currently unclear.

The kirpan is symbol of the Sikh religion and a physical reminder of a Sikh’s duty to protect the defenseless and stand up against oppression.

While waiting for details, the editors forwarded the case to United Sikhs to garner support for Avtar Singh. They have requested a copy of the police report. Sikh24 will carry updates as they become available.