Sikh Attacked in New Jersey

New Jersey, USA—Sikh24 learned a few days ago that Avtar Singh, 72, one of the founding members of the Glenrock Gurdwara Sahib in New Jersey was brutally beaten by his neighbor. Upon hearing unconfirmed reports of another Sikh being attacked, Sikh24 immediately reached out to United Sikhs who at the time were still unaware of the incident.

The incident started when Avtar Singh approached the neighbor, a white male in his 30’s, asking him to move his vehicle from their common driveway. The neighbor began an argument, resulting in a physical confrontation.

The neighbor snatched the elderly Sikh man’s turban and threw it on the ground. He then flung Avtar Singh down to the concrete and broke his 2 front teeth. The neighbor then punched the victim in his stomach numerous times.

As Avtar Singh turned to protect his face, his kirpan fell out of his gatra. The assailant grabbed his kirpan and threw it at a distance. He then called the police to report that he was “attacked” by Avtar Singh with a “weapon.”

Our sources say that Avtar Singh was then arrested by the police and may have been charged with assault with a deadly weapon—the exact charge is currently unclear.

The kirpan is symbol of the Sikh religion and a physical reminder of a Sikh’s duty to protect the defenseless and stand up against oppression.

While waiting for details, the editors forwarded the case to United Sikhs to garner support for Avtar Singh. They have requested a copy of the police report. Sikh24 will carry updates as they become available.

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    THIS IS A HATE CRIME plain and simple!
    The Racist Police sided with a White Supremacist and arrested someone based on looks as #1 factor! Really a 90yrs old man is bullied by a young agile thug and they arrest the old man not the young thug! Wow only in america folks ;)

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  3. Sarjit:
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    Why all bad news for Gurdwara committee members and Smuggler Sikhs not for normal hardworking and decent Sikhs since 1947?

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    • Rupinder Singh and Singh, I dont know what country you’re both living in but wow. You’re views are mental. What kind of people are you? In the UK and Canada, Sikhs are honest. Maybe you’re dishonoest and the worst of sikhs but others are not.

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  5. @Mohindar Singh. Don’t know what country you live in, but a young man beating up a elderly neighbor is not commonplace all over the world. Additionally, forcibly removing someone’s religious clothing or symbols can elevate the assault to a hate crime.

  6. This is appalling 73 year old beaten and then arrested for wearing a kirpan. I would like to know what happened to the neighbor, was he not charged this assault. Even if an elderly man used a knife to fight off a attack of a much younger stronger person it is justified. I urge all sikh community to obtain concealed weapons permits from your county sheriffs department. I personally carry a handgun legally on me at all times. This needs to be taken very seriously police have been abusing Sikhs here in america for a long time… this case needs to be handled with care. It is hard to believe how docile and wimpy we have become as a community. This incident should anger and boil your blood! We should not put up with these types of incidents, we need to be heard and respected we need to let the world know we are not going to put up with this. police officer needs to be held accountable for his obvious miss handling of the situation. He need to be removed from his job, and the police department needs to be sued to set a example so this never happens again.

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    Please read review our BANI from Guru Ji’s teaching, not to hurt Guru Ji and work against their philosophy to get wishful blessing to grow as better Sikh community.

  8. A Very unfortunate incident.
    On a side note, upon reading the comments, its clear that some anti-social elements are putting up deliberate, inflammatory comments on this post. The motive is clearly to start a fight online as well as offline probably. The names Liza Dolan, Iqbal Abudul and Singh are all fake IDs who are here to start a fire by spouting out poison from their filthy minds.

    • Shavinder:
      Yes, I sense the same and agree with you. Instigations is going on from all side and we must pre-screen the comments before allow the premeditated comments to steer the boiling pots of sensitive issues.

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