Kashmir Sikhs Demand Fresh Probe in Chattisinghpora Massacre

JAMMU, India—Various Sikhs belonging to the “All Parties Sikh Coordination Committee” (APSCC) of Kashmir recently met with the Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram in Jammu to demand a fresh probe into the Chattisinghpora Massacre.  In March 2000, about 15 men belonging to the Indian army arrived at the village of Chattisinghpora and ordered all Sikh men, including boys, to line up.  Thirty six Sikhs were shot dead by the army and so far no one has been held accountable for this horrendous crime.

APSCC told P. Chidambaram that Sikhs played a key role in India’s independence, yet the Government of India has failed to provide them with basic human rights and justice.  They said that Sikhs have been deprived of their human rights ever since India’s independence.

Jagmohan Singh Raina, Chairman of APSCC, further told the Union Home Minister that the Sikh community of Jammu and Kashmir plays a vital role in development—but being a minority, they are also ignored by the Government.  This is the reason why so far no committee has succeeded with a Chattisinghpora Massacre probe.

According to the APSCC representatives, they have also written a letter to the Supreme Court of India demanding a fresh inquiry into the Chattisinghpora massacre and also the Pathribal fake encounter case.  All those killed in the massacre were innocent civilians.

Over time, many Sikh delegations have demanded a probe into the killings of the Sikhs, however no investigation party has brought them any justice.

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